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How To Control And Remove Silverfish In The Home

Silverfish are a pest that you probably don’t realise you have unless they get out of control, or if you stumble upon one during a late night trip to the bathroom. We sometimes see them run away as the light comes on or meet one in the sink, and then think little of it if it was a one-off encounter. The problem is that an uncontrolled population can be a big issue. So how can we control silverfish numbers and get rid of annoying colonies?

What are silverfish?

Silverfish get their name from the silver, scaly appearance of their tapered bodies. Adults can grow fairly large and metallic-looking, at a couple of centimetres, while the young are small, pale and easy to miss. They are nocturnal creatures that have become accustomed to the surroundings of a home, where there were once happy enough rooting around in leaf litter and bark. We mostly see them at night, unless disturbed from a hiding place during the day. They are quick and agile and wont stick around long if spotted.

Silverfish may be harmless to us, but they are still a pest

The biggest problem here is that Silverfish have a love of starchy food and proteins that is best served via paper and cloth. This is why we are most likely to find them on our bookshelves. If you spot one hiding in a book or on the shelf, there is a good chance that a further colony of them is somewhere near by, currently undisturbed. It is incredibly annoying to find little scuff marks and holes in the pages and covers of book. It can be even worse if these creatures find their way into our photo albums and start munching through our treasured memories. It is worth checking any books and albums like this, as well as wardrobes and drawers of clothes. These insects also like to eat glue, mould and dead insects. In a way they provide their own little cleaning service, but at a cost.

Controlling silverfish in your home

This annoying price of living with silverfish means that we need to keep on top of the problem as much as possible. One of the easiest first steps is to keep checking and rearranging those shelves with books, photo albums and other items of paper. This stops the large adults from becoming too comfortable in one spot, taking over with the rest of the colony and causing havoc. Silverfish that aren’t welcome on the bookcase or in the clothes drawer will retreat to cavities behind furniture and wall, such as gaps in the skirting board. The next step here is to flush them out or seal up escape routes to stop further infestation.

Large scale problems in need of more professional help require the actions of a professional cleaning service. Here at Sunnystate Pest Control we have a choice of both chemical and non chemical treatment options that home owners can employ for the best results. This includes a more thorough survey of the home in those hard to reach places behind the walls, as well as a more substantial flushing solution.