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Commercial Pest Control Treatments

What’s the difference between residential and commercial pest control? Well, there isn’t a great deal of difference between the two, except in most cases commercial premises are a lot larger than the residential?

The products we would use for both are pretty much the same, it’s just with a commercial type of job we may have to use a fair bit more. And in some cases, we would also set up a regular call back to monitor things like baiting stations and recharge them as needed.

In the case of a shop like your local restaurant or IGA, they will require a regular routine pest control be done every few months. Then after each inspection, a certificate will be issued to satisfy the local public health authority.

Problem Areas

Where shops are crammed into a small area such as a city centre like Brisbane or even an area like Fortitude Valley in Brisbane, there is a bigger chance of a pest problem occurring, especially if some businesses haven’t had their pest control treatment done for some time.

As a consumer I like to know that a shop is having their pest treatment done on a regular basis, as this reflects greatly on the hygiene level that the shop owners will have for their business, you can generally tell if a shop that’s selling food is keeping on top of things like hygiene just by look at the floors and walls, if they seem clean and tidy it’s a good sign their food preparation area will also be being kept in good order.

Adult Bedbug

Cockroaches are the main concern for commercial shops that sell hot and cold for, as these little pests can carry all sorts of disease, and let’s face it the last thing a shop owner wants is their customers to see is a cockroach running across the floor or up the walls.

Rodents are another issue for commercial businesses from shops to big warehouses, a warehouse can hold hundreds of thousands of dollars in stock, rats and mice can do a huge amount of damage in a very short time to all sorts of materials from paper, clothing and even white goods such as fridges, televisions etc.

Bedding companies that deal in the supply of mattresses have to be very careful when dealing with returned items, as mattresses can be infested with pests such as bedbugs if this pest becomes a problem they are very hard to eradicate and may take some time to bring under control

Choosing The Right Commercial Pest Control Company

Getting the right advice for a particular pest problem can save businesses thousands of dollars. The valuable time when a small or large company has downtime can cost them greatly and in some cases send them broke.

Here at Sunnystate pest control & termites, we can help all commercial customers big and small to handle their commercial pest control needs, we also have a fully automated online billing system to help reduce paperwork again freeing up the time to run your business better.

We offer a wide range of services and can set up a regular call back program to take the Hassall’s away from busy business owners.

For more information or a free quote please call or email our office and will be happy to help out and offer free advice.

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