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How To Control And Remove Fleas In The Home

The word ‘fleas’ on its own is often enough to make the skin crawl, so the thought of having a colony living in the carpet is horrifying. Fleas are voracious pests that can plague the lives of homeowners, and the problem only

increases when you add pets into the mix. These bloodsuckers feast on our cats and dogs when given the slightest chance, and will even bite humans if the opportunity arises.

The problem with these creatures is that they can emerge in large numbers and cause havoc until every last egg, pupa and insect has gone. Leave one female behind and she can produce 100 more eggs. Problems often occur when moving into a home previously occupied by pet-owning tenants. The activity of animals and people trigger the emergence of dormant, larval fleas from carpets and other upholstery. So what do we do to tackle these infestations and deal with the problem of fleas?

Adult Flea

Treating flea bites at home

If the fleas are already biting and attacking, you need to handle this issue before looking into the removal. Check for bite marks, not dissimilar to those from mosquitoes, in exposed places. Ankles are a favoured, accessible spot and you may find more on children than adults. Make sure to start a course of pet flea treatment as soon as possible too, such as a Frontline or Advantage topical solutions or collars. Your vet will be able to help you find the best choice for your pet. Keep up with this monthly treatment to avoid future problems.

Treating and control fleas in the home

Once you have established that there are indeed fleas and their eggs present in the home, you need to take steps to remove them. Like most pests, these creatures need the right conditions to emerge and survive. Unfortunately, this simply means a warm home and a good source of food. Therefore, it is difficult for pet owners to create a less welcoming environment once these creatures arrive. The main area of attack for effective removable of these adults and eggs is the carpet and bedding both human and pet.

Give all bedding and sheets a good wash in hot water and vacuum the carpet regularly. The hot wash should kill the insects and eggs and a strong suction should lift the eggs from the carpet fibres. Be careful when emptying out the dirt canister to prevent recontamination. Try and remember to place pet beds on hard floors to reduce the risk further. Even so, we can’t overlook the fact that some fleas will stay within the cracks in hard floors as well, so it pays to be vigilant.

Calling in the professionals

If you have problems with fleas in your home and are in need of more drastic help, it is best to call upon the services of a professional pest control company. Here at Sunnystate Pest Control, we can provide the right cleaning solutions and extermination measures to make sure that the fleas and eggs are removed with ease.

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