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Bed Bugs How They Get Into Your Room

How Bedbugs Can Be Transported

Bed bugs in Brisbane where do they come from you may ask. This is a question I get asked a lot when out doing a pest control Brisbane job. So I thought today I would turn the tables and ask the customer where bedbugs come from. Or at least where they thought they were coming from, let me explain.

Ok, so today I have done a couple of bedbug’s jobs here in Brisbane one on the Northside of Brisbane and the other in South Brisbane. Not related I may add, but both cases were heavily infested with bedbugs.

On the first job, I asked the customer where they thought the bed bugs were coming from. The lady that met me at the job was telling me that the people in the room with the problem had just come back from an overseas trip.

So I asked what kind of trip it was, and she explained that they were doing mission work overseas. Straightaway it all made sense the mission workers were bringing the bed bugs back into Australia.

This sort of situation is a very common problem as the bed bugs will hide in luggage and then start their attack on their new host. In this sort of situation, a protocol needs to be set up by the organisation. All luggage should be isolated for a few days in an attempt to get rid of them before they take hold.

In the picture to the below, you can see the bed bugs all congregating around the edge of the bed base and mattress.

How to Try and Avoid a Bed Bugs Problem

So when I say a protocol should be put in place I mean a system of processes should be carried out before the travellers re-enter their rooms. This is especially important when carrying out mission type work; where living conditions and hygiene may not be the best.

All luggage should be wrapped in Plastic bags and left out in the sun for at least a day. A better solution would be to wash and dry all clothing before putting them back in the rooms.

General hygiene and regular vacuuming of rooms is an essential step in the fight against a bed bugs problem.

What Kills Bedbugs

There are a few different options available when it comes to getting rid of a bed bugs problem. The first and most used method is the use of insecticides. But when using an insecticide it’s important to remember that bedbugs are immune to many of them.

This is when a professional pest control company will be able to advise the best product to use. Bed bug eradication is a specialist job and should not be attempted by unlicensed people.

Another way to get rid of a bed bugs problem is by heat, bed bugs do not like high temperatures.  One way to start getting rid of them is to place all clothing into plastic bags. Then the bags are left out in the sun for a few hours to heat up. This process will certainly kill the bed bugs within the clothing.

The bed bugs will dry out and die from the exposure to the heat. Another is to wash all clothing and then place them into a drier on a high heat setting for an hour.

Steam cleaning is also a very good way of killing and getting rid of bedbugs. The steam will do the same thing as the heat treatment and it will also kill the eggs. The one problem with this method is that areas and eggs may be missed. Where there are any eggs or bed bugs left behind the problem will eventually return.

There is one more method of killing bed bugs and that is again by heat. This time the area or rooms infested with bug bugs are heated up. In this process specialist heating devices are used to bring the room up to a temperature that will again dry out the bed bugs. This again is a specialist task and should not be attempted by anyone except a licensed professional.

The problem with heating up a room to high temperature is the risk of fire. This method has to be done under the supervision of a trained professional.


So this was just a short insight into the world of bed bugs I have written many other blogs on bed bugs. Please feel free to browse my site and read more about bed bugs. Just does a search in the search tab and they will come up.

I must reiterate that bed bugs are like no other pest; they are very difficult to bring under control. If you find yourself in the grip of a bed bugs infestation you are strongly advised to call in a professional pest controller. Knowing their harbouring habits and feeding habits are crucial for successful treatment.

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