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Professional Residential Pest Control Service:

What to expect from our residential pest control service, here at sunnystate pest control and termites we carry out a thorough internal and external pest treatment to ensure all the common household pests are eliminated.

The main pests we treat under our general pest treatment are cockroaches, silverfish, spiders, ants, and rodents we also offer a full 12-month warranty on our services to ensure your home stays protected.

Other pests we treat are fleas, mice, mite, lice, bedbugs and more, but these pests are not part of a general pest control service, with these types of pest we generally offer a warranty until the pest has been fully eradicated, which can vary depending on the pest.


What do you get in an annual pest treatment?

When we come out to a home to do a general pest control treatment, we would first ask some questions to determine if there are any problems that the customer may have with particular pests.

If there is a problem with a certain pest we can then locate the problem areas and make sure that these areas are thoroughly treated, and in some cases such as a cockroach infestation, we may have to apply a flushing agent before doing the general treatment.

Applying a flushing agent will help to bring out any pests that may be harbouring in behind appliances or hard to reach places, this is good as it can pinpoint exactly where a serious problem may be, and these areas we can then treat with a number of different products eliminating the problem.


After having a talk with the customer we can then start the treatment, we would start outside with an external spray of the perimeter and any outbuildings such as sheds and garages, when treating outside of a house we will also treat any weeps holes these are small opening at the bottom of brick veneer homes to help allow for condensation and ventilation.

Weep holes are very easy areas for all kinds of pests to harbour and start to build a home within your home.

Once the external has been treated we then will start the internal, we start off by applying a liquid spray to the skirting boards and kitchen kickboards, the product will dry out in about 20 minutes and form a protective barrier to aid in eliminating pests from the home.

Once the spraying is all done we then apply a product to the roof void and at the same time will also place some rodent baits for rats and mice, as the roof void is a very common area for rodents to be found harbouring.

We also apply a dust under appliances in the kitchen like the fridge, microwave and any cracks and crevices plus inside some of the kitchen cupboards, after this a cockroach gel is also applied to some of the kitchen cupboards, the gels are a great way of stopping cockroaches from harbouring and forming nests behind cupboards and wall cavities.


About The Products We Use For Residential Pest Control:

We may use two different types of insecticide one for the outside and then one for the inside, the products that we decide to use will firstly depend on if a property has a severe problem and if so the type of pest we are dealing with.

Our sprays are all odourless and safe for your family and pets, once they have been applied to the correct areas they are perfectly safe and will only be a problem to the pests that are trying to make a home in your home.

All pest products that any pest control company uses are regulated by the Queensland health, and only certain products can be used in and around residential homes, long gone are the days of being able to spray products like Dieldrin and Chlorpyrifos around, they have been banned from use in and around homes now for some time.

Some older customers such as x-farmers will always ask can you spray the good stuff around, and mention the days they used to spray everything with products like Dieldrin and Chlorpyrifos, as these would kill everything in the area for a very long time, but they were no good for us or the environment as they are carcinogenic.

The products used today are very safe and good for the environment especially when they have been applied by a safe and reliable pest control company, as the products have become better and safer over the years we don’t need to apply anywhere near as much of them to get the same results.

The main liquid sprays we use here at Sunnystate Pest Control are Biflex Aqua and Termidor; we also use some dusting agents and gels for ants and cockroaches, all of which are odourless and safe.

Redback Spider

Get It Done Right & Be Safe:

When having your annual pest treatment done it’s important to use a safe and reliable professional company that has a good knowledge of all pests found in Brisbane, and by using a professional pest control Brisbane company you can be sure that the products used are safe and have been correctly applied.

For any advice or to make a general enquiry you can either call us during office hours or email us our advice is free for all, if you have a pest you are not sure about in your home, you can easily take a picture of it with your smartphone and send it to us via the send a photo page.

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