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Our team of certified pest technicians are fully licensed in all areas of general pest control
Brisbane treatments, as well as, termite inspections and treatment services, which allows
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Some Of The Pests That Can Be Found In And Around The Home
Before A Pest Control Brisbane Service are listed below

It can be very difficult to identify the many different types of pests in and around a building,
so Sunnystate pest control in Brisbane have listed some of the most common pests you
may encounter to give you a better idea of what may be crawling around your home or
commercial property.


Enquire about our termite treatment control services


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Carpet Beetles
Carpet Beetles

Enquire about our carpet beetle control services


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Enquire about our mice control services

Bed Bugs
Bed Bugs

Enquire about our bed bugs control services

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Our pest control Brisbane services and warranties are second to none. There are plenty of pest and termite control companies throughout Brisbane. It probably seems like a bit of a hard task to decide which pest control company you should go with to deal with your pest problems.

Sunnystate pest control  is a leading pest management & termite specialist company. We aim to give the very best of advice to all of our customers. We specialise in all areas of pest management whether your needs are for commercial or residential pest treatments.

We are a leading Australian professional pest control company. And we take pride in our work and love to give out excellent pest control and termite protection advice to help our new and existing customers. We take the time to ask questions about any termite or pest problem you may be having around your home.

Dealing With The Right Pest Control Company

To get rid of termites or any other pest problems, you need to deal with a company that offers practical solutions and understands the many different pests that Brisbane has to throw at us, and that’s a lot. The reason we get such a diverse range of pest problems is that of our varied range of weather conditions. Brisbane is located in the sub-tropics and can be subject to very high humidity, which makes for a great breeding ground for all pests from,  cockroaches, silverfish, spiders, ants, termites, Bed Bugs, lice, mites and just about every pest known to man.

For your next pest control in Brisbane or termite inspection why not book a company with certified pest control technicians that will put you the customer first.

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