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Ants still alive after pest treatment

Ants Still Alive

Ants Still Alive After Pest Control? “Why are ants still alive after a pest control service?”  This is something we get asked a lot at

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Cockroach Killer

Battling the Brisbane Summer Cockroach Invasion? Call the Cockroach Killer! From all accounts, it’s going to be a hot, dry summer in Brisbane this year.

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Termite inspections with Sunnystate

Termite Inspections

Protect Your Brisbane Home – Don’t Let Termites Take Over This Spring! Spring is just around the corner, bringing with it warmer weather, blooming flowers,

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Do termites bite

Do Termites Bite?

Here in the beautiful area of Brisbane and south east Queensland, we often find ourselves sharing our living spaces with various creatures, some more troublesome

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mice pest control

Mice Pest Control

Mice Pest Control Mice infestations can be a persistent and troublesome problem. These small rodents are not only a nuisance but can also cause damage

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