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Controlling & Eliminating Flies

Flies are found all over the world and Australia is no exception. They are as Aussie as the speedo’s, Kangaroos’ and the lovable Koala. All the same, flies are a serious pest no matter how we look at it. They can also cause a health risk to humans and their pets and also to farmer’s livestock. They can easily infest businesses and have been known to spread diseases such as Salmonella and E. coli. Some species have also been known to bite humans and animals.

When fly problems are left untreated or with little to no control measures, there’s the potential for it to turn into an infestation in a very short time. Some of the many different fly species are capable of merging from an egg to an adult in as little as seven days.

Using a fully licensed and professional fly control service is paramount to guarantee complete removal of flies from the home or office. Sunnystate pest control services will conduct a thorough inspection of the premises that are to be treated. This will help to assess the degree of infestation and enable us to recommend an appropriate fly control treatment program.

Sunnystate P.C are experts in all areas of pest control throughout Brisbane, Ipswich and the Gold Coast. We train extensively to ensure that our customers have the very best of service and advice for every situation.

Correctly identifying the species of fly is an important aspect to ensure that the site where they are breeding can be located and treated correctly. Below are some the more commonly known fly species found in Australia

How to get rid of flies

A fly’s lifespan is around 30 days; a female can easily lay between 400-600 eggs in that time.

With this fact in mind, it is easy to understand how a small problem with flies can fast become a large infestation if nothing is done to try and control them.

Many fly species are attracted to food by the odour they omit this can be food in our homes, commercial kitchens, retail stores, food processing plants and even farms. The most common ones are house flies, fruit flies, drain flies and the blowfly. Different fly species are attracted to different food sources they can include fermenting sugar, different oils plus fats, carbohydrates, and also decayed or decaying proteins and vegetable matter.

Measures to get rid of flies

To bring a fly infestation fully under control it’s important to first identify the fly species. Be practical in the approach to controlling flies, don’t forget they are a roaming insect and can breed and repopulate very fast. So when dealing with flies it’s important that backup treatments are implemented to give a longer lasting effect.

Using Sunnystate pest control’s fly eradication services is going to be the most cost-effective and reliable way to gain full control again. Our treatments are intense and targeted at areas that flies harbour and breed.

House Flies

The common house fly will breed in waste such as rotting food and even animal faeces and are also highly sensitive to general food smells.

House Fly

Fruit flies

The fruit fly is attracted to sugary liquids that may have started to ferment they can feed and breed in this type of environment. Commercial bars, kitchens and restaurants may unknowingly be a breeding place for these pests.

The sugary liquid they are attracted to can easily accumulate in garbage bins and containers, fruit that has become overripe and also vegetables.

Discarded drink bottles can also become a problem if not properly rinsed. Drains are another area for concern when a fly infestation is present; these areas need to be treated carefully. Drains can lead to our waterways and it’s important to help keep them clean or other wildlife may suffer.

Drain Flies

Drain flies, are known pests of rotting food and other organic waste they can also be found around sewage drains. This fly lays its eggs in organic waste that builds up in and around drains and has also been found in shallow polluted waterways. Drains, septic tanks and compost areas are known breeding grounds for the drain fly. They use gelatinous bacterial films and biofilms that form on these surfaces. They are also highly resistant to the different cleaning and pest control chemicals used today.

Because they spend their lives in and around our drainage systems they are in constant contact with these chemicals, giving them full resistance.

Blow Flies


Blow flies can be found laying their eggs in rotting meat, dead rats, mice and dead birds such as the pigeons including items found in kitchens and restaurant waste.

When a problem has been correctly identified there are simple and easy ways to get rid of them and bring them under control.

DIY Fly Control

Be practical when managing flies look around your premises and pay attention to areas that may need a clean. A deep and thorough clean will have a huge impact on the amount of fly activity you will see a change almost instantly.  Have a look at some of the tips we have set out below.

Go to the local superstore and find a low-cost DIY fly product such as stick pads or a light that attracts them. This can take a bit of time to install but may end up being a cost-effective way to help get rid of the flies.

Als,o keep on hand some fly aerosol cans for times when they are at their worst. When using aerosols around food preparation areas, be sure to clean the surface down before use.

The most effective way would be to get professional fly control treatment carried out by a professional pest controller. Using a certified and experienced company like Sunnystate Pest Control will ensure your fly problems are gone for good.

If you are having a fly problem of any kind the first thing to do is remove items such as open food and fruit. These are simple and easy things that anyone can do at any time also ensure liquids in and around the property are removed. The following steps will definitely help prevent flies from returning.


Keep food covered at all times this goes for any sort of food, believe it or not even bread crumbs, can lure flies in and encourage them to lay their eggs. Food that is left over from a meal should be covered up with Clingfilm and placed in the fridge. When flies come in contact with food this can cause contamination so it’s important it’s covered.


Try and remove all sources of water and repair leaking taps around the house or commercial property. Fix blocked drains so that water can’t form puddles as flies need a constant moisture source for survival.

Food hygiene

Always keep areas like garbage bins, kitchen, bathroom and laundry sinks clean at all times. When bins are full make sure they are taken outside and placed inside a wheelie bin away from the property. This will help prevent flies and also keep down breeding sites. Keep Liquid food sources under control and where they exist to put a plan in place to remove them.

Liquid for sources can start in garbage bags, over ripened fruit, old beer and fizzy drink bottles drains and even from food and drink spills that are not properly cleaned up.

Entry points

Make sure fly screens are in good condition if you don’t have them maybe look at getting some fitted to windows and door. Also, keep the doors and windows closed during the times of day that you feel the flies are the worst.

Fly killer Device

There are a number of different fly killers units available today from shops like Bunnings. They can be an essential deterrent for flies and also a good way to capture them. They are a great idea in situations where businesses handle food, such as restaurants, pizza shops etc.

Bird feeders

Where birds are found there can usually end up with a fly problem so try and keep feeders clean and remove the food before night.

Stored Items

Remove stored items from around the home or business as this could provide a breeding ground for flies.

Sunnystate Pest Control Fly Treatments

Using a professional that fully understands the many different types of flies, and where they breed is essential in bringing them under control. A professional fly control service is going to be the most cost-effective way to guarantee the elimination of flies. Our expert knowledge guarantees success in getting rid of flies. We also follow a set plan to fly problems giving a longer lasting result and also give our customer quality service and advice. Our simple but effective plan is outlined below.


During the prevention stage, we outline areas that may need attention or maintenance to prevent infestations from occurring. These areas relate to recommendations and guidelines to waste disposal and management plus cleaning and sanitation.


The site stage will outline areas around the premises and within buildings to help remove potential fly breeding areas. We carry out a thorough inspection that will highlight any problem areas.


During the elimination stage, we will use only the best products that are known the knockdown fly infestations. The products we use all comply with health and safety regulations for residential and commercial premises. The objective here is to bring fast and effective treatments to control flies and also to provide long-lasting solutions for our clients.


Continued monitoring of problem areas is crucial in maintaining and fly free zone. This is also an important element for business owners that run restaurants or shops handling food. We also provide certificates for Queensland health to ensure business owners comply with local laws. Our paperwork is documented outlining the areas that have been treated and the products that have been used.

Fly Eradication Recommendations

After an initial visit to your site has been completed, your Sunnystate expert will put together a program designed specifically for your needs. The recommendations will outline areas of concern that need to be addressed to help bring a long lasting solution to fly control.

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