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Pre Purchase Pest Inspections

Get a pre purchase pest inspection and buy with confidence

Pre Purchase Pest Inspection

Thinking of buying a house? If so, you probably already know that you need a pre purchase pest inspection before you do!

But there are a few things you need to know.

First and foremost, you need to get a professional pest inspection team to check your potential house. Many people let the builder do the inspection, which isn’t a good idea – they know nothing about termites and how to identify pest-related issues around the home.

Let’s dive in to discover all the information you need about pre purchase pest inspections.

2 Types of Pre Purchase Inspections

There are 2 types of pre purchase inspections recommended before you buy a house – a building and a pest inspection. 

  1. The goal of the building inspection is to examine the building inside and out to note any issues or structural faults it may have. The outside inspection may identify cracking, rising damp, drains and gutters, sheds, retaining walls and fences, windows, and roofing. The inside check looks for cracks in the walls, leaky ceilings, quality of materials used, uneven or spring floor.
  2. The pest inspection looks for evidence of any pest and termite activity – either past, current or even potential.

4 Reasons to Get a Pre Purchase Pest Inspection

1. Identify any pest problems beforehand

Getting a professional pest inspection before buying a house lets you identify any pest problems before moving in so you can take the necessary measures to address them.

Moreover, when you conduct a pre-purchase pest inspection, you’ll know not only about existing but potential pest problems as well. Being conscious of potential pest problems, you can take precautions to resolve them before they even arise.

2. Uncover any hidden issues

Often, there are hidden issues in the house that aren’t visible during the general inspection. Pre-purchase pest and building inspections reveal such problems, giving you a complete picture of the property.

These inspections aim to identify issues in the materials or construction of the house and highlight potential pest problems. Based on the pre-purchase pest inspection reports, you can make an informed decision.

3. Avoid future regret

Imagine spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on the house and then realizing the home has pest problems. The infestation could harm you and your family’s health and your property’s condition in general. Plus, you’ll need to take extra expenses to get rid of pests.

A pre-purchase pest inspection guarantees peace of mind knowing you’re buying a pest-free house.

4. A pre purchase pest inspection gives you an advantage in negotiations

 If the inspection finds any pest infestations, it will give you the advantage to negotiate with the seller to reduce the price of the house to cover the pest control expenses.

Alternatively, you can request the seller to complete the pest control procedures before closing the deal.

Either way, a pest inspection gives you the negotiating power and ensures you’ll get the property at a fair price.

Checking the subfloor

Do I Need Both a Building and Pest Inspection?

The simple answer to whether you need both a building and pest inspection is yes.

While many companies provide building and pest inspections as one package, it’s not recommended to go for it. This is because builders assess the construction aspect of the house, usually having little to no experience in pest control and inspection.

On the other hand, professional pest inspectors know how to identify previous, current and potential infestations.

How Long Should a Pest Inspection Take

Conducting an examination of each room and every high-risk area is a pretty time-consuming process. Determining the amount of time a pest inspection takes highly depends on various factors, including:

  • The size of the building
  • Property type
  • Number of buildings

What Does a Pre Purchase Pest Inspections Report Include?

Once the pest inspection company finishes the pest inspection, you’ll get a detailed report of inspected areas with  information about:

  • Previous or current pest activity
  • Construction faults resulting in an infestation
  • Areas of damage
  • Environmental issues
  • Recommendations for future inspections
  • Suggested treatments

When are Pre Purchase Pest Inspections Required?

In some cases, loan programs, mortgage lenders, or home insurers  may require you to conduct a pest inspection.

However, it’s always in your best interest to have an inspection done before you purchase a house.

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