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Ants are social insects that live in permanent nests in the ground, in trees and sometimes in our homes.  The ant belongs to the Family Formicidae within the Order Hymenoptera. This group of insects includes the ant, wasps, bees, wood wasps and sawflies. There are around 3000 species of ants known in Australia.

An ant has three well-defined body segments: head, thorax and abdomen. They have elbowed antennae and compound eyes.

Some people call termites ants; when in fact they are from a different Family. For more on termites (click here).

The ant undergoes a complete metamorphosis during their life cycle. Starting as small eggs, they hatch as whitish coloured larvae, which are fed by the adults. After several moults and plenty of feeding the larvae pupate. This is the transition stage into an adult, and it takes hours, or sometimes days, for the cuticle to harden and the colour to darken.

This metamorphosis can take six weeks or more; dependent on the species, the temperature, the season and the availability of food.

Carpenter Ant


Find Their Nests

To control ants, we need to have a good knowledge of their feeding and nesting habits.

To gain control of an area under attack by ants, the ant nest also need to be located and treated

You need to play detective when trying to get rid of ants in and around your home or commercial premises. This entails following the ants’ trails back to the nest; which can be difficult when the trails go into a grassed area.

Remove temptation

It is essential to always keep in and around buildings clean and tidy. Keep bathrooms clean and kitchens clean and free of food scraps

Ants love wheelie bins; so, it’s important to keep them clean. Give them regular hose outs and wash downs, and don’t store them up again the wall of the house or office.


Ants are classed as a pest because of the damage they can cause to areas around the house, such as garden beds. Their excavations can also leave small unsightly mounds around path edges and gardens.

When they make their way into our homes they can leave trails along skirting boards and in kitchen cupboards, on their way to getting into our food!

Ants can also present a health risk; as they can carry pathogens, from bacteria to fungal. This is why they’re considered pests in food outlets and hospitals – they can lead to contamination.

Also, let’s not forget that the humble little ant can bite; which can be painful, and can cause allergic reactions in some people.

Thousands of Ant Around a Window


If you have an ant infestation it’s best to call in the experts; with the knowledge, the right products and the right equipment to deal with the problem.

Sunnystate Pest Control will find and destroy problem nests for you.

Destroying an ant’s nest can take a lot of mixed solutions. Certainly a lot more than you will ever get out of a can or container found in the local supermarket.

For a short-term effect, you can use a surface spray from the local shops. This will give temporary relief from the bombardment of ants, but it won’t last unless dealt with properly.


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