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Why You Can’t Get Rid Of Ants

We get told all the time by customers during a pest control service that they can’t get rid of ants. Customers try all sorts of things to try and bring ants under control.

The first place most turn to is their local hardware store for some chemicals. This may seem like a great idea but in most instances, it’s just a waste of money.

The products found in shops that the public are allowed to buy just won’t get the jobs done.

Not only are the products inferrer to that of a professional pest control service but homeowners are placing them in the wrong areas.

Ants are masters of survival a little knowledge goes a long way when it comes to controlling them.Ants around a window getting inside why you can't get rid of ants

Why you can’t get rid of ants it could be the Products

Most products sold in hardware stores and alike contain permethrin or bifenthrin. These two actives are good for some situations but not ants.

So the household aerosol ant killer does it work, yes of course it works but it doesn’t give a long term solution.

The products sold to homeowners are what is called an instant knockdown. That is they kill insect straightaway and this may sound good but not always.

In the case of ants or even termites, you need a product with a delayed effect. Products with a delayed effect are called non-repellents.

A non-repellent will eventually kill insect like ants but it does it over a period of time. The reason we want this is that we want the trailing ants to take the product back to the main colony.

Killing just the ants say in a kitchen or bathroom will only get rid of those ants. This method is not good for a long term effect this is when you need to use a non-repellent.

Black House Ants eating food scraps

Black House Ants

Professional products

So why can’t you get rid of ants but the professional pest controller can. This is simple we have the right products at hand.

The most widely used product in the pest industry to control ants is Termidor. Termidor is a non-repellent so it allows the ants to return to the main colony.

Ants are like termites in some ways and one similarity is that they are social creatures. When they return to their main colony they groom one another.

This grooming is when a product like Termidor is passed to other colony members. Over a period of a couple of weeks, the entire colony will be destroyed.

The other important thing to mention is that a product like Termidor needs to be applied to the right places.

Areas to be treated will be where ants forage and even sprayed directly into nests this is a preferred area of treatment. Spraying into garden beds is also very important when attempting to eliminate ants.

When an ant treatment has been carried out by a professional exterminator it should last around 3-4 months.

Retreatments are necessary if a customer wants a 12-month warranty. Termidor shouldn’t be applied more than twice in a 12-month time period.

Image of an ant.

Carpenter Ant


When attempting your own pest control treatments always use protective clothing and read the label thoroughly.


Using the services of a professional pest control company will ensure you get rid of your ant problem.

Why you can’t get rid of ants is simply because you are using the wrong product. You wouldn’t take a house knife to cut down a tree and the same goes for pests.

In the pest industry using the right product for each situation is important for a long term solution.

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