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Keep Insects Out During The Colder Winter Months

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Keep Insects Out And At Bay During The Colder Winter Months

Keep insects out when the weather draws in, but is it really necessary to have a pest service carried out during winter? Let’s first understand pests don’t all run and hide when the weather draws in. So yes a pest control service during the winter will certainly help to keep creepy crawlies out.

There are still many household insects around in the colder months of the year.  Having a yearly treatment completed will keep insects at bay for the duration of the service warranty.

Keep Insects Out that remain active all year


The good old cockroaches are the most commonly found pest in homes. They are an all year round pest and will continue to scavenge for food sources.Adult Cockroach

They are also attracted to areas of high moisture like bathrooms and kitchens. These areas need to have a thorough treatment to ensure they stay away. Learn more about cockroaches click here.

Our Tips:

Be aware of high moisture areas and have them fixed straightaway.

Use a sealer around access points where plumbing pipes enter kitchens etc.

Reseal opened packets of food where possible store them in sealed containers.

Never leave the sink full of dirty water overnight.

Clean pets bowl’s daily.

Empty the bin daily this is a great way to keep insects out.

Regularly vacuum hard and soft floors.


Spiders are known for catching their prey in webs. During the summer months, there is plenty of food available. In the winter their food source gets a little scarce so they can move to the indoors in search of prey. For more information about spiders click here. Redback spider

Our Tips:

To help our 6 legged friends outside remove their food source.

Make sure fly screens are in good condition with no holes.

Vacuum cobwebs down as they appear.

Close fly screens once the daylight starts to fade.


Fleas are commonly past around by our pets and this is how they can end up in our homes. They will breed in the grass, dry dirt, carpets and even between floorboards.

They are very resilient insect and require a professional approach to eliminate them. Fleas will certainly slow down during the colder months but outbreaks can occur.

Flea eggs can lay dormant for over 12-months, so they can be laid in winter and hatch as the weather heats up. For more information on fleas click here. Adult Flea - Keep insects out during winter


Our Tips:

Ensure your pets are on a flea program and stick to it even in winter.

Regular vacuuming of floors helps reduce fleas and their eggs.

Keep grass mowed to a manageable level.

Wash pet bedding regularly.


These horrible little pests are one of the hardest to eliminate. When bedbugs are found it’s important to hire the services of a trained professional that understand how to get rid of them.

Bedbugs are similar to fleas in that they can lay dormant for well over a year. They are active all year round and will attack their host in the early hours of the night. They are transported by travellers from all over the world and hitch rides inside suitcases.

The old saying goes “Don’t let the bedbugs bite” Here are some tips to keep insects out. An adult bed bug before a bed bug chemical heat treatment

Our Tips:

When travelling be careful where you stay, check the bed first “I do”

Check your luggage when you return home from a trip.

If unsure leave your suitcase outside in the sun for a few days “Heat kills bedbugs”.

If you think you have bedbugs wash clothing and bedding in as hot a wash as possible.

Then place in a dryer on the highest setting possible for at least 45 Minutes.

Signs of bedbugs:

3 to 4 Bites in a line on various parts of the body.

Blood spots on sheets

Nymphs, Adults and small white eggs on the edges of the mattress clustered together.

For more information on bed bugs and how to get rid of them click here.


Moths will attract insects like spiders as they are a great food source for them. Having a professional pest control service to eliminate moths is the best method of control.

Treatment to flower beds and grassed areas will help to keep moths under control. These treatments will need to be carried out around every 2-3 months depending on the severity of them.Moth

Our Tips:

Clean away any moth sacks found around the home.

Turn off outside lights at night.

Close blinds as they are attracted to light sources of any kind.

If you have concerns about any type of pest and you’re not sure what to do about it, let us know here at Sunnystate Pest Control Brisbane. Our team of trained professional technicians can sort out any pest problem. Call Us Anytime.

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