Covid 19 customer advice about the Coronavirus

Covid 19 how it will affect the pest control industry over the next few months.

The reality we must all understand is that there’s going to be some change over the coming months with the onset of the coronavirus.

Some pest control businesses won’t survive this crisis especially heavily finance businesses.

Sunnystate pest control services will still be running as normal despite the Covid 19 virus, but we are taking some precautions.

We will be wearing a face mask and gloves from the point of contact to a customer.

Gloves and masks are normally only used when mixing and spraying is in progress.

We will be wearing masks and gloves from when we arrive at a property to carry out a treatment.

By taking these precautions we aren’t just protecting ourselves, but also our customers.

We are in contact with a lot of people during a day, so we just want to limit the spread.

What customers need to do

We ask that customers notify us if they are feeling unwell prior to their treatment.

We will then look at changing the appointment to a later date, this is the most sensible approach at this time.

If you have been to a doctor and you’re clear of Covid 19 and it’s just a common cold, we are happy to attend still.

Are treatments to same with Covid 19

The way in which we carry out a pest control treatment won’t change.

Some customers have jokingly asked me will the pest spray kill the coronavirus, and the answer obviously is no.

All we kill are the pests around your home or business, so treatments are business as normal.

Although Covid 19 (Coronavirus) may disrupt things slightly it won’t disrupt the pests, they will still work their way into dwellings.

If you have your 12-month pest control done religiously you should continue to do so, your pest control company will advise you of any change.

Here at Sunnystate pest control, we will keep in touch without customers to advise them of changes.

We hope everyone stays safe and by taking some minor precautions I’m sure we will all come through this together.

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Jason Neale Owner of Sunnystate Pest Control customer advice about Covid 19

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