Weep holes may allow termites easy entry

Weep Holes

Weep holes what they are and why it is essential to keep them clear. Slab on ground homes with brick veneer wall construction will have these small holes externally.

These small holes are critical to helping the cavity between the wall breath. They are small long slots between two bricks with unobstructed access to the internal wall space.

What do weep holes do

The sole purpose of these small slots on the external wall is to help prevent moisture from building up in the wall cavity.

Moisture inside a wall cavity can have devastating consequences for a home. Moisture is what will attract termites, and if they get in, they can cause tremendous damage.

Keep weep holes clear

When we do a termite inspection, most homes have stored items around the external walls blocking weep holes.

Blocking or covering these critical holes around the external wall is the worst thing that can be done.

When moisture builds up inside a wall cavity, you can be sure of one thing, and that’s termites.

Clear weep hole

Stored Items around external walls

The first thing we need to get clear here is don’t store items around the home. It may seem a simple task, but to many people are still doing just that.

We do a lot of termite inspections in and around Brisbane, and the most common conducive condition is blocked weep holes.

By keeping these tiny holes around the perimeter of the clear, you are 50-60% less likely to have a termite issue.

Protecting the external wall

A way to help prevent all manner of different pests from entering a home is to fit a small cover in each slot.

These can be bought at your local hardware store and are very easy to install.

All you need to do is take them out of the packet and place them in the slots around the external wall.

Weep hole protectors are the best way to stop insects from gaining entry to a home; it’s a worthy investment.

This is a weep hole protector

Termites can gain easy excess to a home

Termites only need a tiny gap to gain entry to a structure, and this is why protecting those little weep holes around the external wall is so important.

Termites can also gain entry via cracks in the mortar or even through concrete slabs. In this situation, the only way to protect a home is by having a professional pest control company install a termite barrier.


The short of this is don’t think it won’t happen to you. Termites don’t discriminate, everyone’s home is on the menu.

Be proactive and do what you can to keep your home safe from termites.

All homeowners should have regular 12-month termite inspections carried out. A termite inspection Brisbane service is the best way of identifying any termite issues before they become a severe problem.

Prevention is a lot better than cure keep those weep holes clear at all times.

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