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Trailing Ants around the house

This week we have had a lot of calls about trailing ants inside and outside. The weather has brought out a lot of pests like cockroaches, silverfish, spider and ants.

It’s normal that pest activity increases during heavy rain especially when followed by high humidity. As far as ants go they are pretty much here all year round. They do ease up slightly during the colder months of winter, although they can still cause problems for some.

I get asked a lot if there are natural homemade solutions to getting rid of ants. Although there are some products that can be made at home they generally don’t work that well.One big carpenter ant

Stop Trailing Ants with Homemade Products

Ok before we go any further with this I just want to say natural products won’t get rid of an ant issue for long periods of time.

The thing that will help you get rid of them for long I will share below but for now some homemade remedies.

The first thing you can try is a natural citrus wipe, using lemon and even vinegar. Now remember this won’t eliminate them for good, but you can use this to clean down benches also. This will take away the ant trail that they follow, but they will eventually find another path.

This next one can be a bit messy it involves stealing your kid’s chalk set. Ants, in general, don’t like surfaces covered in chalky substances. Some chalky products that can be used are baby powders, baking powder and as mentioned earlier actual chalk.

Making a line with one of the above chalky powders can deter ant activity around the house. But let’s not forget these are very resilient insects and as mentioned they will generally just look for another route.Lots pf ants all over the ground

Ant Baits Do They Work

One more product you can buy is ant baits and these can be found in your local shop or hardware store. I have tried them myself and they do work, but as mentioned earlier there not a long term solution.

The idea with ant baits is they attract the ants and then they in turn simply pass the poison to the rest of the colony. Over some time the entire colony will be wiped out. The problem with this is that you need to repeat this process for a few weeks or months to eliminate a big ant colony.

If you just don’t like the idea of using commercial-type products you can turn to borax. You simply mix some borax with a small amount of sugar or syrup. Apply the mixture to surfaces where trailing ants are visible. The ants will eat the solution and die but this won’t kill the main colony.

homemade borax sugar mix

Borax & Sugar Mix

Most want instant results when dealing with an ant problem. But from my experience of 20 plus years in the pest control industry, there’s just no such thing.

Keeping your home clean.

This is the easiest way to keeping ants at bay, it’s as simple as cleaning up after yourself.

Don’t leave dirty dishes out overnight or the dishwasher full of dirty dishes. Make sure the dishwasher is turned on every night if used.

Clean away crumbs and food scraps and wipe down bench tops. Also, keep food in a sealed container and this especially applies to sugary foods.

Vacuum on a regular basis the standard is at least 3 times per week. Regular vacuuming will remove food scraps on hard floors as well as the carpeted areas. Remember the ant is a natural scavenger and they will always be attracted to an easy meal.

The Commercial solution to trailing ants

Ok, so we have given you some ideas on how to bring ants under control. The one thing you will find with any of the above suggestions is that they won’t deter them for long.

The only product to control trailing ants is Termidor. This product is used by most pest control operators today.

The reason why Termidor works so well is it has what is called a transfer effect. This means the colony members unknowingly pass the poison around to the of the colony.

Over a course of about 2-3 weeks, the trailing ants and their entire colony will be completely eliminated. The only way to have this applied is to engage the services of a professional pest management company.

Let me just say that as good a product as Termidor is it still won’t keep them away forever. But you will certainly have relief from them for a number of months instead of days when using homemade products.

Black House Ant eating food scraps

The black house ant



So there are ways to eliminate the terrible little ant without hiring the services of a professional. But the results are not going to be anywhere near as effective.

Having the right tools for the job is an important element in killing ants for good. Knowing what type of chemical to use and where to apply it is also a big advantage.

We have to understand that in Brisbane ants are part of everyday life. They can be managed but they can’t be a 100% control just yet.

I have always said that Australia is built on a giant ants nest or at least that’s how seems. To help keep trailing ants out of your home throughout the year professional treatments are necessary.

If you have any ant remedies that you have tried and would like to share them with us, please place them in the comments section below.

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