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Free Termite Check

A termite check what does that mean exactly, well to start with I would say there is no such thing as a termite check and certainly not a FREE one.

This phrase came about from some clever pest control company some years ago. There is actually no such thing as a “Termite Check” let me explain.

So when it comes to termites whether it’s an inspection, barrier treatment or a colony control there has to be paperwork supplied.

Following The Australian Standards For Removing Termites

All pest controllers that deal with eradicating termites from homes, units or commercial premises they must follow a Standard.

When carrying out an inspection for termites the AS 3660.2.2017 is the standard that must be followed for all structures.

When a company is carrying out a pre-purchase inspection they must then follow the AS 4349.3.2010

The correct term for a “termite check” is a “Non-invasive visual termite inspection” this is mentioned in the Australian standards.

With all termite inspections, a report must be issued to the customer with any findings and recommendations to fix any issues.

Thermal imaging camera used during a free termite check

Thermal Imaging Camera


Fooling The Customer

So getting back to the term termite check or more widely used “free termite check” there really is no such thing. It is just a way of a pest control company fooling a customer into thinking they are getting something for free. This all leads to the pest company talking the customer to make a booking.

Once the termite technician arrives to do the check they will make out they have found signs of termites. Then they will prompt the customer into getting a full termite inspection done at a cost. This is just up-selling it’s been going on for years but many customers still get fooled by it.

For those that feel they really are getting a free termite check and think that I’m talking a load of rubbish. Ask the inspector for a full report in accordance with AS 3660.2.2017, I bet you don’t get one.

The companies doing these so-called free inspections will not issue a report. And why not I hear you say, well that’s simply because they haven’t done an inspection.

I can guarantee that there will be no real inspection done with a free termite check. That phrase makes me laugh when I see or hear it. With all the free information available to us today on the internet no one should fool for this one anymore.

Inspecting roof void in a house

Inspecting the Roof Void


Something For Free

We all want something for free in life and it feels great when you really do feel like you’re getting something for free. But unfortunately, in this case, I can tell you 100% it isn’t free.

Pest inspections, when done properly, can take up to 2 hours to complete, let’s be honest who is going to work for two hours for nothing.

Whenever you see some fancy advertising saying FREE you can pretty much guarantee there’s a catch somewhere.

The catch in the case of a free termite check is that you get NO report and NO guarantees and most of all NO real inspection.

Remember this, with a real termite inspection a report has to be issued to the customer within a few days of the inspection.

Having a professional termite inspection carried out on a home every 12-months could save a homeowner thousands in damage.

Don’t be fooled by clever marketing and remember that good old saying. “If it sounds too good to be true it probably is”.

For those that read this post, I hope that it makes sense. And that you get a professional inspection done and don’t risk your home to a free check.

For a real pest inspection, you can trust. Call us here at Sunnystate Pest Control our inspections are thorough and come with a complete detailed report.

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