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Six Month Termite Inspection Why!

Hi everyone my name’s Jason the owner of Sunnystate Pest Control and in the video above I’m doing an inspection. I’m under a house in the sub-floor area checking for termites.

This particular house gets a six-month pest inspection because there’s no termite barrier in place. The video shows what it’s like in a sub-floor of a house and where we pest controllers have to get too.

Checking the sub-floor and the roof void during an inspection of a home is crucial. These two areas are well-known areas for termite activity. If your pest technician isn’t inspecting these areas you need to ask the question “Why Not”.

There are some circumstances when the sub-floor and roof void can’t be inspected. This will be due to lack of crawl space, stored items blocked access or unsafe for some reason to enter.

If an area cannot be accessed by your termite technician the reason must be stated in the report. Always read your termite inspection report thoroughly and ask if you aren’t sure about something.

Jason under a house checking for Termites doing a six month termite inspection

So Why 6 Month Termite Inspection

Ok, so as mentioned earlier this house is down for 6-month inspections because there’s no barrier protecting it.

It’s down to the termite technician as to how long it should be between inspections. This will depend on various points such as the environment the house is situated in. Whether or not there is some sort of active soil or baiting system in place.

It’s very lucky for this customer that we recommended the 6-month termite inspection. Later in the inspection, we found new termite workings in the sub-floor.

The termites were in some stored timbers in the sub-floor area. Storing anything in the sub-floor is a bad idea especially wood.

Now if this house was only having 12-month checks the termites would have easily found their way into the house in that time frame. If termites are left undetected for a period of 12 months they can potentially do a lot of damage. The damage caused over a 12 month period will cost a homeowner a small fortune.

By having this particular house checked on a 6-month basis has saved this homeowner from expensive termite damage. The only way we could recommend going to a 12-month inspection would be if we installed a full termite management system around the house.

As mentioned earlier if a termite barrier is not installed we must recommend a six-month termite inspection to be carried out.

Looking for termites in a sub-floor of a house this is where termites attack homes.


I did this video and wrote this short blog to hopefully help other homeowners understand the importance of inspections.

My advice is always to use a professional pest control company that will put your interests first. Sometimes it’s just necessary to have a 6-month termite inspection carried out. If this is the advice given by your professional pest control company go with it, as it can save you in the long run.

As I always say there is no silver bullet against termites and the damage they can cause can be financially draining. The best solution is regular termite inspections by a qualified professional in the field. And obviously, it goes without saying a full termite barrier will give full protection and peace of mind.

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