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Rodent Problem – Rats & Mice Keep Them Out

Rodents can be a hard pest to get rid of but with some simple know how it’s not that hard. The first thing that needs to be done is to identify where the rodents are coming into a building. This is done by doing a simple inspection, during the inspection take note of droppings.

Rat and mice both leave a trail of droppings in areas they frequent. The droppings are a sure sign that there is some activity around.

In the video above I explain how it’s important to place bait boxes where you think the rat or mice are most likely to be. This will give the best results and even more so if they can be placed close to where they are nesting.

In this particular job, I had a suspicion that the rats where harbouring under the concrete slab. This is why I placed the rodent bait box there, it gives them direct access to the baits.

Rat & Mice Phobia (Musophobia)

The customer that I did this job for was absolutely petrified of rats and mice. She couldn’t even look at the dead ones that I’d found.

Some people do have a very bad phobia of rats referred to as (musophobia). Even just talking about them can send some people into a panic. This is what a professional pest control company is for it takes the hassle away from the homeowner.

It’s important not to leave a rodent problem go for too long or it could turn into a very big problem. Rats and mice breed very fast and can overrun a home or commercial property in no time at all.

Rodent problem a dead Norway Rat

Rodent Problem Things To Do To Stop Mice & Rats

It’s important to block entry to a building to gain complete control of a rodent problem. All small cracks and crevices should be blocked with durable material to prevent entry.

One of the most common areas rodents may gain entry to houses is through the roof panels. They first get into the gutters and then gain entry under the roof sheet or tiles.

Both rats and mice can fit through very small holes, so it’s important to leave no stone unturned. Doing a thorough inspection is paramount to find any entry points that they may be using.

Rodent Hiding Places

When we deal with a rodent problem we often find that they are harbouring under a path or driveway. These areas seem to be popular hiding places for them to breed and grow their colony.

Once the problem has been brought under control the access holes will then need to be sealed. This will help to prevent other rodents from using them in the future.


The best way to get rid of rodents is without a doubt to use a professional pest controller. A professional company will use the latest baits that will have a fast effect on the rodents.

This will help to bring the problem under control fast and in a safe manner. A professional will also place the right bait stations into the correct areas.

Knowing where to put the stations is one of the most important aspects of a rodent control service. For your next pest control service call the experts Sunnystate Pest Control.

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