8 Ways To Keep Cockroaches Out Of Your Home Naturally

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches From Your Home:

As we all know cockroaches can cause all sorts of problems around the home or office, especially when they are left for too long, as this can turn into an infestation.

First, they aren’t the nicest looking pest in the world and most people run a mile when they see one.

One of the first things homeowners do when they see a roach is to quickly grab the can of bug killer that’s sitting under the kitchen sink.

Once armed with the bug killing can of surface spray they empty most of it onto the cockroach, in the hope that more is better.

As a licensed pest controller and the owner of Sunnystate pest control & termites I can tell you more isn’t really best, it just a waste of product and money.

The one big problem with emptying a can of cockroach killer when a roach is found in a home is that it just sends most of the chemical into the air.

Don’t forget whatever you spray inside your home; you and your family including your pets are going to be breathing it in.

The best way to kill just one or two cockroaches running around the home; is with just one small spray from the can directly onto the little critter.

It doesn’t matter where on the cockroach you hit it; the product will get ingested into its system and slowly kill it.

If you don’t want to use a surface spray to kill a cockroach, you can always just use a fly squatter; this works just fine, one hit usually does the trick.

Ok so let’s start with my list of 8 best ways the get rid of cockroaches in the home, they are all very natural ways with no poisons.

Microwave Oven:

The microwave is one of the most popular places for cockroaches to scavenge for food.

Over time the inside of a microwave can become a little messy, we’ve all been there when the top of the lid pops of the food and a small proportion of the meal ends up on the walls of the microwave.

We quickly grab the hot bowl out of the microwave and try to scrape up the food that spilt over and forget about all the bits that are stuck to the insides of the microwave.

When the microwave is used more and more; the food that still remains stuck to the walls inside gets dry and hard over time.

The dry food scraps become a great meal for cockroaches to come and devour; making it an easy place to feed.

Moral of the story is clean the microwave on a regular basis, and especially if food overflows inside.

Clean Behind The Fridge:

The fridge is another great place for cockroaches to scavenge for food and also a cosy place for them to harbour and build their colony.

Food that gets dropped on the ground can easily be kicked under the fridge, most of the time this goes unnoticed, especially if you have kids.

To help get rid of cockroaches from inside and around the fridge; at least once a year pull the whole thing out and give the floor and the back of the fridge a thorough clean.

When possible always pick up food that’s dropped in the kitchen area to help prevent a cockroach infestation from occurring.

Clean Behind The Dishwasher:

The dishwasher comes under the same set of rules as the fridge, but with one more very easy thing to do.

So the obvious thing is to pull the dishwasher out every 12 months and clean behind it, but the other very important thing with a dishwasher is to clean the inside regularly.

Now some are probably thinking, but the dishwasher cleans it’s self when you turn it on right; well no that’s wrong.

Over time the pipes of a dishwasher will fill up with grease and small particles of food, and this needs to be cleaned thoroughly.

The best way to clean the inside of a dishwasher and also the waste pipes is to buy some tablets that do the work for you.

You can buy the dishwasher tablets at any superstore like Aldi or Woolworth, they are cheap and it’s the best way to get rid of cockroaches from inside a dishwasher.

Keep The Sink Clean:

Dirty dishes left in the sink are a problem area for many households; I see this a lot when doing a pest control in homes around Brisbane.

Leaving dirty dishes in the sink overnight will definitely bring cockroaches into a home; this is an absolute NO NO if you want to help get rid of cockroaches.

I no sometimes it’s hard to get everything done around the house before you go to bed, especially if there are kids involved.

Let’s face it the last thing anyone wants to do after enjoying a good meal is to do the dirty dishes, but in order to keep roaches out; it’s a MUST.

Keep Benchtops Clean & Tidy:

Well this one goes without saying doesn’t it, the good old bench top, it gets used all day to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Food scraps left out on the bench top especially at night time will certainly attract cockroaches to a home.

So keeping the food preparation areas clean at all times will help to keep cockroaches out.

Seal All Opened Packets Of Food:

Opened packets of food will always bring cockroaches into the home or office for that matter.

The best way to keep cockroaches out of your food once it’s been opened is to place the remainder in a plastic container.

The other way to keep cockroaches from eating your food is to use food clips to re-seal packets of food.

The one good thing about using food clips is they are cheap to buy, and re-sealing the packets of food will take up less space in the cupboards than containers.

Empty The Bin Regularly and Keep It Clean:

We’ve all done it haven’t we, left the emptying of the bin until it’s overflowing, this is a sure way to invite cockroaches and other pests such as ants into the home.

When the bin is left to overfill; food can fall out and get caught in the back of the cupboard, and go unnoticed.

Cockroaches are opportunistic creatures and will go for the easiest meal they can find, and their not fussy about where or what they eat.

Help get rid of cockroaches and keep your bin in the kitchen clean and tidy.

Remove Your Pets Food Bowls:

The cat and dogs bowls, this would have to be one of the biggest attractants for scavenging cockroaches.

This is not only an easy meal for them, but it’s also a tasty one, cockroaches have become very fond of our pets food.

The best way to help with this problem is to simply remove and clean your pet’s food bowl after they have finished eating.

I have had the discussion of pet bowls with many homeowners over the 20 years of being in the profession of pest control in Brisbane.

Most people tell me that the dog or cat only eat a bit here and there, that’s why they just find it easier to leave the food down all day.

This is not a good idea at all, as I say to all of my customers; get a set time for your cat or dog to eat their meal.

Give them about an hour to finish their meal; this is plenty of time for any animal.

If after the hour the food is only partially eaten; take the rest away and don’t give it to them until the next day.

They will soon become used to this new routine, and you’ll find they will eat all of their meal within the hour, or they know they go hungry.

Dog food generally comes in big plastic bags; this is fine for transporting the food back home, but not a good way to store it.

The best way to store your pet’s food is inside a steel bin, this will not only help get rid of cockroaches but will also help keep away rats and mice.

Keep Pet Food Away From Pests


Well after reading through this blog, you should by now have a better understanding of the things that can be done to help prevent cockroaches from getting into your home.

Hygiene and keeping area’s like the kitchen clean is always going to be the best place to start in the fight against cockroaches.

Another great way to help keep cockroaches and other pests out of your home or office for good; is to arrange for a professional pest control Brisbane treatment.

It’s recommended to have a home fully treated for pests once a year; the treatment will cover Cockroaches, Silverfish, Spiders and Ants.

By following my 8 best way to help get rid of cockroaches, you should be able to enjoy a cockroach free environment within your home.

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