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Hotel Pest Control: How it Affects Your Hotel’s Reputation?

Hotel pest control is essential in our lovely city of Brisbane as we are in the sub-tropics. Brisbane is the 3rd most visited city in Australia after Sidney and Melbourne. And in order to stay competitive in the travel industry, it’s critical to always keep your hotel in a top-notch shape. This includes keeping your premises pest-free to abide by strict industry regulations as well as to ensure guest satisfaction.

Obviously, guests choose where to stay during their holidays based on the hotel’s reputation. Noticing any kind of pest can have a terrible impact on your hotel’s reputation, causing a significant drop in revenue.

Having said this, it’s always a good idea to invest in pest prevention, rather than pest elimination later on.

Keep reading this article to discover 4 areas of your hotel that need the most attention.

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Guest Rooms & Suites

Having bed bugs is one of the most annoying things your guests may experience in their guest room or suite. Business or leisure, guests are staying in your hotel to relax and enjoy their vacations.

Our hotel pest control program offers bed bug management, including training your staff to recognize the early signs of bed bugs in guest rooms.

Hotel pest control – Kitchen & Dining Areas

Hotel pest control is essential for kitchens, restaurants, and other dining areas which are at high risk of pest infestation. While pests need food, warmth and shelter to live, the kitchen is the best place they can find everything they need.

Some of the most widespread pests that live in kitchen and dining areas include flies, cockroaches and rodents.

Health inspectors usually thoroughly inspect the kitchen, restaurant and dining areas of your hotel, requiring a regular pest management program.

Fitness & Spa

Due to the humid environment in your hotel’s fitness and spa area, there’s a high risk of flying insects and cockroaches to infest.

Hotel Grounds

Just like any above-mentioned area of your hotel, it’s vital to protect the gardens and grounds around the hotel. Needless to say, insects live in nature. But you must ensure that pests don’t make their homes on your grounds, because they can easily move inside the hotel as well.

Our hotel pest control service includes pest bird management (flock dispersal and nesting and roosting deterrents), wildlife management and rodent control so your hotel grounds stay pest-free.

We at SunnyState Pest Control offer you a comprehensive hotel pest management program to help you keep your hotel’s reputation tip-top. This includes covering all areas of your hotel to ensure the pests won’t infest inside your premises.

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We know how important your hotel reputation is. That’s why we provide a quality hotel pest control service with a 100% guarantee.

Let our professional team at SunnyState Pest Control help you get a piece of mind by ensuring your hotel stays pest-free all year long.

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