Know If Your Homes Vulnerable To Termite Attack

Homes Vulnerable to Termite attack

The homes vulnerable to termite attack aren’t probably the ones you’re thinking of. There are many different ways to build a home these days.

The earlier days most homes in Brisbane were built from timber frame and weatherboard. These types of homes were also raised off the ground. Having a home raised off the ground helped during the hot summer months with cooling.

There are basically two types of construction, either slab on the ground or raised off the ground. Some homes also have a combination of both raised and slab on the ground.

With slab on ground construction, it’s exactly that concrete on the ground. The framing of the house is then built on top of the slab.

Raised homes can be built from different materials such as steel posts, wooden stumps, brick or concrete piers. No matter which way a raised home is constructed they have sub-floors.

The sub-floor is the area underneath the home. Where there’s enough height these areas are sometimes built-in and used as extra living space. Building inn can then make homes vulnerable to termite attack if it isn’t done correctly?

When building in underneath a raised home it’s important that it’s done correctly. Using a licensed builder will ensure the home has adequate termite protection installed.

Many think because they have a slab on the ground home that they are protected from termite attack. Read on to learn more.

Homes vulnerable to termite attack – Slab on ground construction

The very popular slab on the ground home is the most vulnerable to termite attack. This type of construction is more likely to be attacked by termites.

The reason being is there are so many concealed entry points below ground level. These areas can’t be seen or inspected leaving them open to termites.

Where a slab and the first set of bricks are below ground level; a termite management system should be installed.

Either a chemical or baiting system will protect the vulnerable area under the soil from termites. Anyone who has a slab on the ground and no termite protection is playing a game of Russian roulette.

When building a slab on ground home its best that the slab has a 75mm clear inspection zone, read on to learn more.

Lowset Slab On The Ground

The best type of Slab to construct – Termite protection

The best type of slab to construct to ensure yours isn’t one of the homes vulnerable to termite attack is one with an exposed slab edge.

The exposed slab edge is set at least 75mm above ground level. This means that there is a visual barrier around the entire slab.

Termites will have to pass over the slab edge to gain entry to the house. This is great protection against termites provided 12-month termite inspections are carried out.

If you are building a new home insist on an exposed slab edge if possible. This will also mean the house won’t need expensive termite barriers installing.

As mentioned earlier homes built with this type of slab still need regular pest inspections carried out. Never build garden beds up against an exposed slab edge. Always keep the perimeter clear to ensure a full inspection can be carried out.

Exposed Slab Edge

Exposed Slab Edge

Homes vulnerable to termite attack – Raised Homes

If a home is raised off the ground it is less likely to be attacked by termites. This is of course provided that 12-month inspections are completed.

When a home is up of the ground an inspection can be carried out in the sub-floor where the foundations are. The sub-floor is where subterranean termites start their attack.

Being able to properly inspect the foundations makes a huge difference in the fight against termites.

Termite trails will easily be seen making their way up posts or foundation walls. This makes it less likely that serious damage can be caused. Again this is also assuming that regular inspections are undertaken around the home.

As mentioned earlier these areas usually become problems after they have been built-in. This is why it’s important that the construction is carried out properly by a licensed professional.

Raised Home Built-in Underneath


No matter which type of home you may have it’s important they are inspected regularly.

Even homes that have full barriers installed around them still need termite inspections. An inspection is the best form of defence any homeowner can take to keep these ravenous pests out.

If you are building a new home it’s worth talking to your builder about exposed slabs. These types of slabs really can save a homeowner a lot of money down the track.

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