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Does Heat Kill Bed bugs

There is a lot of speculation on the internet as to whether or not heat actual kill’s bedbugs. I can 100% guarantee that heat kills bedbugs.

There is only two way to get rid of these hard to kill pests. One is with heat and the other with selected chemical treatments.

Here at Sunnystate Pest Control, we like to use both heat and chemical treatments to eradicate bed bugs. By using a combination of heat and chemical we can guarantee 100% full extermination.

There is a bit more to it than just turning on the heater for a couple of hours, or quickly spraying a room.  Understanding the life cycle of bedbugs is an important aspect in being able to carry out a successful treatment.

We will run through the two different treatments to further explain the importance of doing both.

Heat Treatment

Heat is an excellent way to kill bedbugs and if done correctly will bring a problem under control very fast.

To carry out a heat treatment industrial heaters are needed, your household ones won’t get the room to the desired temperature.

Heating the room to the desired temperature is the crucial part in successful treatment. This is the part many pest control companies get wrong when dealing with these little bugs.

All areas where the heat can escape will need to be sealed to help retain the heat. Windows may have to be covered to stop heat loss through the class.

Once the room has been sealed the furniture will need to be positioned correctly to allow the air to move around it.

By positioning furniture and other items correctly the hot air can easily be blown around the room and all items within it.

From time to time during the heat treatment furniture will need to be re-positioned to ensure all areas are heat treated.

Along with the heater powerful air movers are used, these are a crucial aspect in the treatment process. Without the air movers, the treatment may be unsuccessful resulting in a reinfestation.

Heat will kill bed bugs

Adult Bed Bug

The Correct Temperature

The room needs to be at 46 degrees or above and held there for about an hour to kill all the different life cycles of the bedbug.

We monitor the temperature with heat sensors placed in the room and also with a thermal imaging camera. The thermal imaging camera gives the most accurate temperature reading guarantying a successful treatment.

The one problem with only using heat is that the bugs will run and hide to escape the heat. If the bedbugs make their way into wall cavities where the heat can’t get to, it will result in a failed treatment.

Once the treatment has been completed the room will need to be inspected again the next day to ensure all bugs are dead.

Black plastic bags in the sun killing bed bugs Thermal image

Killing bedbugs with heat from the sun

Chemical Treatment

Controlling a bedbug infestation with chemicals alone can be a very difficult task. It may take many treatments and callbacks to eradicate them all.

There are only a few products now available that will actually kill bedbugs as these little pests have built a resistance to many of them. So selecting the correct product is crucial when treating only with chemicals. This is one reason why some treatments don’t work, this simply comes down to lack of knowledge.

When doing a chemical treatment every crack and crevice must be inspected and treated. Any areas that are left untreated will result in a failed treatment.

The edges of the room will need to be thoroughly treated along with the bed frame and mattress. Closets will also have to be treated and clothing removed and bagged.

All clothing should be bagged and washed then dried in a drier at the highest setting for one hour.

There are a lot of places a bedbug can hide in a room this makes chemical treatments hit and miss.

After a chemical treatment has been completed a re-inspection will have to be done the next day to check for any live bedbugs.

If any live ones are still present the treatment must be re-applied to all areas.

bed bugs eggs on a bed base

Bedbugs Eggs Clustered Around a Staple on a Bed

Both Treatments Together

By combining both treatments together you’re pretty much guaranteed to get the problem under control quickly.

The best way to do this is to apply a chemical treatment to the room before turning on the heaters. It’s important to be thorough along skirting boards etc. where they can hide.

By applying the chemical treatment first any bugs that try to escape will come in contact with the treatment.

Heating the room slowly is also important so that the bedbugs aren’t disturbed too much. This is by far the best way to deal with these little pests.

Black plastic bags in the sun killing bedbugs

Black plastic bags used to kill bed bugs


The short of this is that bedbugs are a very difficult pest to get rid of and need to be dealt with correctly.

This is why it is best to use both the heat treatment and chemical treat together when dealing with bed bugs. This way there is a better chance of eliminating them in the first treatment.

If either of these treatments isn’t carried out correctly they can fail. So it’s important to always use a professional pest control company that fully understands how to deal with them.

Get the job done right the first time and use a professional exterminator that will guarantee their work.

By using a professional company you can rest easy at night knowing the bedbugs won’t bite.

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