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What is a guarantee, this is sometimes misunderstood by customers and made confusing by businesses? A guarantee is to give a consumer peace of mind when purchasing a service or product from a business.

Regards to a pest control guarantee there are limitations that should be explained. What happens when you have a pest treatment carried out and pests come back.

Should you expect to see pests again after a professional pest control treatment. Here is where it can sometimes become confusing.

Guarantee no pests after treatment

Guarantying to see no more pests after treatment is bordering on Absurd. There is no way a pest company can give assurances you will never to see pests again no matter what products are sprayed.

Some pests are more easily bought under control than others. Some pests may require follow-up treatments. The guarantee will be determined by the type of pest problem we are dealing with at the time of treatment.

The guarantee is really that your pest company or technician will return if pests become a nuisance after a treatment. So really it is only as good as the company you hire.

As mentioned earlier no one can give 100% assurance that you’ll never see another pest again. But they can guarantee that they will return if the problem persists. So let me say this again, the guarantee is that your pest company will return, not that you will never see pests again.

Seeing pests after treatment.

It is normal to still see pests after a pest control service has been carried out. Pests such as ants can be visible up to 3 weeks after a pest spray.

The reason for this is the type of product being used, most pest companies these days use (non-repellents).

Non-repellents work in a way that gives a much better result. With these types of products, there is delayed mortality. This means the pest in question has time to spread the product around to other colony members before they die. This method helps to eliminate a whole colony, not just the ones you see on the day.

Other products that will knock down pests instantly just don’t work over the long term. In an infestation, fast knockdown products may be used initially and followed up with treatment with non-repellents.


The short of this age-old question about a guarantee will always come down to the company you use.

Anyone can give a guarantee but if they don’t back it up then it’s of no use. Here at Sunnystate pest control, we give our customers a 100% guarantee on our work.

We don’t guarantee that you will never see another pest for 12-months, but we do guarantee that we will return if you do.

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