Our Environmental Policy

Environmental Management Policy

Our policy shows the importance that Sunnystate pest control puts on protecting the environment in all of the areas we operate. Sunnystate pest control is fully dedicated to the improvement of its environmental management processes.

The Objectives Of This Policy Are As Follows:

Sunnystate pest control prides itself on caring for Australia’s natural environment and our team is fully committed to carrying out the best environmental practices during our day to day operations. We will strive to ensure that our organisation’s footprint on the environment is minimal.

This Is Accomplished Through The Following Steps:

  1. Ensuring we are Compliant with all the relevant environmental legislation
  2. Looking for new ways of improving the efficiency of resource consumption
  3. Reduce waste generation by carrying out recycling and reusing practices and through our environmental purchasing decisions.
  4. Minimising the effects of treatments on none-target species of flora and fauna by implementing safe work practices.
  5. Having in place training and resource provisions to help adopt sound environmental work practices for all staff members.
  6. Understanding the importance of customer’s needs when implementing pest management services and for non-chemical solutions.
  7. Holding ourselves accountable to the environmental concerns of our clients, regulators and the wider community.

All Managers Are Responsible For The Following:

  1. Promoting the importance of our environmental policies and work procedures.
  2. Providing correct Training for all staff and subcontractors in our environmental policies and management of systems.
  3. Provide relevant resources to meet our environmental management commitments.

All Supervisors, Employees And Subcontractors Are To Abide By The Following:

  1. To Follow and implement our environmental policies and processes.
  2. Supervisors or managers are to be informed of any incidents with a detailed report.

Application Of The Policy:

This policy is applicable to Sunnystate pest control, including managers, employees, subcontractors in all areas of operation.


We regularly review this policy as legislation and company policies changes.

Policy Authorised By: Jason Neale     Date: 11/3/18

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