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Do Ants Get Rid Of Termites

So do ants get rid of termites this is what most homeowners ask. The saying goes if you have black ants around your home you won’t have a problem with termites “right or Wrong” well Sunnystate can tell you that that is wrong.

There are a lot of things to consider when dealing with termites the little pests that cause so much damage to homes throughout Brisbane.

Will Ants Stop Termites

So the question is do ants get rid of termites and eat them, the short answer to this is yes they will kill and eat termites, and they like them a lot, but ants are smart, and in some cases understand that if they wipe out a whole colony of termites their food supply goes.

So although ants will eat termites they will only take an amount that will feed their colony and leave the rest, this gives the termites enough time to start to rebuild their own colony giving more food supply to the ants, the termites also put up a pretty good fight considering they are blind.

Before ants can kill and eat termites they need to first penetrate the termite nest, and this can be a task in its self, termite nest can be very strong indeed with a hard outer shell.

Ants Attacking A Termite Nest

When Ants Attack Termites

The time that ants attack termites is when the termite mound has been breached, possibly by a larger animal at some point, or maybe from termites coming to the surface looking for new food sources. They can also get in by vents that allow the termites to regulate the temperature within the nest, these areas make the entry for ants very easy.

So when termites are safely tucked away inside their nest, they are free to send out workers to look for other food sources, termites are always on the lookout for new food to keep their colony strong.

So if there’s a termite colony close to a house and they remain safe in the confines of the nest, there is a good chance that the termites could be well on their way to doing some severe damage to a home, and even if a nest is breached somehow by an ant colony it won’t be wiped out completely, termites are very clever and have been doing this for a very long time.

Black ants eating termites so do ants get rid of termites

Do Ants Get Rid Of Termites

How To Deal With Ants & Termites

Ants and termites are two completely different insects to deal with, ants can be dealt with relatively quickly by the use of an appropriate insecticide, direct injection of the nest is the best way to deal with ants around the home, but even once a colony has been wiped out, eventually there will be others that will take their place.

Termites, on the other hand, need to be dealt with in a different manner, it is possible with some termite species to just flood a nest; that is if a nest has been located, but where termites have entered a house and are active there; flooding a nest is not advisable.

To try and gain colony control of termites that have started to attack the timber within a house, the workings need to be treated with dust. This is then transported back to the main colony without the termites knowing, and in turn, this will wipe out the whole colony.

Colony control can take a bit of time, especially during the winter months when termites are less active; the best time to treat a termite colony is during the hotter months as the dust will be passed through the colony much faster, full colony control may require a few visits by the pest control company contracted to the job.

Termite Nest

Termite Inspections & Barriers

The only way to ensure that there are no termites eating your home is to have a regular termite inspection done; the Australian standard recommends a 12 monthly inspection be carried out, even if you have had a full termite barrier treatment done.

Barrier treatments are a way of preventing an attack to a building by subterranean termites, but it won’t stop black ants from being a nuisance around the home and barriers aren’t a silver bullet for termites either, this is why it’s so important to have a regular inspection done.

Any termite barrier around a home can easily be breached by termites, when a barrier is installed there will be a list of do’s and don’ts to give the best chance of the barrier doing its job correctly.

Most homeowners don’t heed the advice given by their local termite company and this is why so many homes end up with a problem with termites, even after a barrier has been installed.

Don’t Take The Risk

Don’t risk it thinking that the ants are keeping your home safe from termites because it isn’t that easy. If you are having any concerns with ants or termites its best to contact your local pest control Brisbane company to help you deal with the problem and give advice for a long-term solution. For most a home is the most expensive investment you will ever have, so it’s best to make sure it stays standing for the long term.


Ants and termites are a nuisance for homeowners this we know but termites can also cost a property owner thousands. The risk of not having an annual termite inspection done is just not worth taking. Don’t think for a minute just because you have blacks running around that your home is safe from termites. This I hear a lot from my customers and it’s my job as a professional termite inspector to properly educate them. So next time you hear a friend say do ants get rid of termites you can let them know that they don’t.

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