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Changing bait rods

Changing bait rods is easy, this article will explain what happens when a Sentricon termite bait station becomes active with live termites.

The video above shows the station in the ground that has had the bait completely consumed. The stations can be placed in soil or core drilled into concrete paths or driveways.

The installation of a baiting system is relatively easy and it usually takes about a day to complete. This time frame will depend on how many linear metres there are and how much concrete drilling is to be done.

Once all the stations are in place they will be monitored every 3 to 6 months. The time between monitoring will depend on the termite pressure around the site.

Your termite professional will determine the best time frame for monitoring to take place.

For more information on the Sentricon always active system (click here)

changing bait rods in a Sentricon always active system

Changing the bait rod

Changing bait Rods

So today we have come along to a customer’s house to check all of the stations for termite activity. One of the stations has had the bait rod completely eaten by termites.

All of the stations are numbered so that we can keep a record of which ones have had activity.

Changing bait rods is very easy; it’s as simple as removing the locking cap and placing a new bait rod into the station.

In this particular situation, all activity has ceased so we can assume the termites have been eliminated. So it is really as simple as changing bait rods.

However, if the station still has live termites present then further monitoring will have to be carried out.

Where a station has live termites present monthly monitoring is recommended until activity ceases.

The video above shows just how easy it is to replace the bait rods.

Jason from Sunnystate Pest Control standing with lots of termites

We have you covered

The convenience of termite baiting systems

The convenience of the Sentricon system is second to none in my opinion. Once the system has been installed it never has to be done again so no more drilling or digging required.

The system can easily be handed over to a new homeowner should the property be sold.

Any pest control company can take over the monitoring and give warranties, unlike chemical barriers no other pest control company can offer warranties on other companies work.

There is less impact on the site where the system is being installed and has a negligible risk in sensitive situations.

It’s also great in difficult areas such as sites with poor drainage. Chemical barriers aren’t as effective in these situations.

As shown in the video it’s very easy to change bait rods when needed.


Here at Sunnystate pest control, Brisbane, we install only the best termite management systems for our clients.

We assess every site to ensure the right system goes in to best protect the home. In some instances, we can combine a chemical and baiting system around a home.

Combing two systems is like a fortress around homes this can be done in areas of high termite pressure.

There is also another termite baiting system coming soon from BASF we will keep you updated when this is available.

If you found this article helpful please feel free to leave your comments below. For more information please don’t hesitate to contact.

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