Bedbugs Mattress Cover

Why is a Bed Bug Mattress Cover Needed?

Most of us sleep on our mattresses without knowing what lies within it or below it. Bed bugs are bloodsucking pests that are very difficult to eliminate once the house is infested. They are nocturnal and hide during the day in small cracks in the house. It is almost impossible to get rid of them or eliminate them without the aid of an experienced pest controller.

It is rightly said, precaution is better than cure. The best solution is to try avoiding any bug infestation to begin in the house. Special mattress covers which are designed to avoid an infestation of bed bugs are now available. Even if your house is already infested, these covers for your mattress will ensure the problem is not aggravated.

The best bedbug’s mattress covers are the ones which are zippered. These closed covers will help in making the process of extermination much easier. And if your house is not infested, it will ensure in keeping your home free of these blood-sucking bugs.

Some of the few things which you need to keep in mind when searching for your Mattress & Box Spring Protective Cover:

1. Bite-Proof Fabric

Most of the cheap protective covers are not bite proof. This means that if there is a bug infestation inside the mattress they will be able to easily bite you and suck blood through the fabric. A bite-proof fabric ensures that the bugs cannot attack or bite you.

2. Waterproof

2 types of fabrics are available for protective mattress and box spring covers, they are Polyurethane-lined and Vinyl.

Adult Bedbug

Vinyl Protective Covers

The vinyl bed bug mattress cover will help stop the bed bugs from entering or exiting the mattress or box spring. However, these covers are noisy and make noise each time the sleeping person moves. They are also very hot to sleep in. However, you can choose from a variety of vinyl thickness according to your needs. The 3-gauge vinyl covers are perfect for everyday needs. The 6-gauge vinyl covers are thicker and are appropriate for heavy-duty institutional wear. The vinyl covers are easy to clean with a dampened cloth but they tend to rip with wear and tear.

Vinyl Bedbug mattress covers are not breathable, hence you will need to have a mattress pad on top of it which will make your sleep comfortable.

Polyurethane-Lined Protective Covers

The polyurethane-lined covers are breathable, which means no sweating. The fabrics used for the protector are very soft. There are a number of brands making a premium bug resistant box spring and mattress protective covers which can offer you a wider range of choices. Polyurethane lined covers are more expensive than the Vinyl ones but are more comfortable and of better quality.

Bed Bug Mattress Cover Showing Dead Bugs

3. Zipper

The place where the zipper ends on the mattress cover is very important in determining the mattress covers efficiency. If the zipper stops short of the seam even a little bit, leaving a small gap, it will give the bugs an escape route to enter and exit the mattress.

4. Zipper Teeth

You need to ensure that the mattress cover you choose has very small teeth on the zipper. Larger zipper teeth will allow the bugs to enter and exit the mattress and box springs very easily.


The best bed bug mattress cover to use is the Polyurethane one as it will breathe and keep bedbugs out all at the same time. When it comes to getting rid of bedbugs it best not to take any shortcuts. These pests are the most difficult to bring under control and will require the expertise of a professional exterminator.

A mattress protector won’t eliminate a bedbug’s problem on its own. A series of chemical treatments are required at the same time this can only be done by a licensed pest control company. A bedbugs treatment process will be worked out by your pest controller this can entail numerous visits to bring them under control.

Your pest control company will usually supply and fit the bed bug mattress cover as needed. This is usually done after the first treatment. Before purchasing a bedbug’s mattress cover talk to your local pest control company and get their advice.

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