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Termites are fascinating little creatures. But at a distance, and as far away from home as possible. Did you know termites never sleep?  That one reason why they are able to cause billions of dollars in property damage each year!  With over 2,000 different species throughout the world (over 300 in Australia), some of those having queens that live up to fifty years and lay up to thirty thousand eggs per day, it’s no wonder the damage they create is so destructive.

Termites are often difficult to detect immediately upon their arrival.  However, discovering their presence by several indicators they leave can minimize their damage when action is taken quickly.  Be familiar with the traces of their nearby existence:

Termite Issues to look for

  • Floorboards that creak more than normal or have carved-looking lines in them
  • Hollow sounding sections of wood, such as door frames and window frames
  • The appearance of warped wood around your doors or windows, caused by moisture from termites eating and tunneling
  • Walls that appear to have water damage and peeling or bubbling paint
  • Slightly visible lines throughout the drywall
  • Quiet noises from inside your walls that sound like clicking
  • Mud tubes, which are about the diameter of a pencil, around your house’s base, or in nearby trees, or even your shed
  • Swarms flying on your property, additionally leaving piles of wings behind. It’s possible to see them flying inside your home as well.
  • If you think you see white ants, or properly known as termites you should call an expert. Termites are not ants; however, the shape of a termite can be mistaken for an ant.

Once you are aware of an infestation, act immediately.  One of our several options of treatment includes the Trelona ATBS system.

Trelona baiting & monitoring termite management system

Trelona ATBS termite protection is a new baiting system used for termites that offers great benefits for the homeowner that wants peace of mind over these devastating little destroyers.  A mature termite colony can have as many as one million termites.  Therefore, eliminating the colony is the desired goal, and Trelona ATBS is a qualifying solution to get the job done.

Along with a good termite management system, it’s also important to have a home inspected at least once a year. An annual termite inspection should be part of any termite management plan as stated in the Australian Standards.

The active Novaluron

Novaluron is the active ingredient in the Trelona ATBS termite protection treatment, which offers such benefits as quick feeding and the need for a less amount of bait.  This pest control solution is effective on all underground species.  Entire colonies can be eradicated with fifty percent less bait compared to other bait treatment options currently available.

Each termite infestation is unique to its location and sometimes needs to be modified accordingly for proper elimination.  When necessary, Trelona ATBS can be used in conjunction with other termiticides.  Your pest control service can offer you traditional monitoring, or one that is active when applied.  When Trelona ATBS uses this method, continual protection is administered without as many necessary visits for inspection.  The Trelona ATBS is meant to be used for long term management.  It is effective for all subterranean termites and can be used in any type of environment.

Termites love Novaluron

Trelona ATBS uses a dense, edible substance that appeals to the foraging worker termites.  The bait comes in canisters that are fully ready for use with no need for additional mixing or preparations when being installed.  Depending on the individual needs of each homeowner and the infestation situation they are dealing with, your termite specialist can determine if Trelona ATBS should be used in conjunction with Termidor Residual or Termidor HE soil treatments.

If the structures that need treatment are difficult to reach, a combination of Termidor products can be used in addition to Trelona ATBS.

The canister stations are made with a sturdy plastic case and need no preparation before use.  They use a discreet design with a locking lid and tool for easy function ability.


Trelona termite protection is a great solution for termite control

Although termite infestations aren’t a great threat to humans directly, Obviously, the destruction caused by these pests needs immediate attention to be stopped. Additionally, the impact of having termites has negative effects on people’s mental health due to the financial issues they may cause. While personal health may not be the main concern when discovering you are dealing with termites, it may become a developing concern if the problems they create continue to grow and are left unattended.  Trelona ATBS is a win-win for your home’s structural integrity.

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