Termite Tip Remove Tree Stumps

Termite Tip To Keep Your Home Safe

When I get the chance I like to do a termite tip as this helps homeowners keep termites out.

This tip is about removing stumps from around the home. When I say stumps I mean tree stumps and even small plant stumps.

Removing these from garden beds and any that are close to external walls will help to deter termites.

Have a look at the video above to see a tree stump that is way too close to an external wall of a house.

Termite Tip – Removing Tree Stumps

There are three ways you can remove a tree stump and they are as follows.

  1. Hire an expert
  2. Hire a stump grinder yourself
  3. Dig it out by hand

The first one is going to be the easiest and fastest way to get rid of old stumps. Using a professional will get the job done fast and with little fuss.

The problem with using a professional is that it’s not cheap, but they have the right tools for the job.

Having the right tools is half the problem solved when attempting to remove tree stumps. The machines required are very expense which is why hiring a professional isn’t cheap.

A good professional stump grinder will have those stumps gone in no time at all.

Hire a stump grinder yourself

The other way to remove stumps is to hire a stump grinder yourself. To hire a machine to remove stumps is relatively cheap your local hire shop will have all the pricing for you.

They are a big heavy machine to lumber around so you need to be prepared for some hard work. I have hired plenty of stump grinders and you sure do get a workout with them.

Once you get used to how it works they are pretty easy to handle.

If you are in Brisbane here is a hire shop that I have used myself call Multihire.

Dig it out by hand

Digging a tree stump out by hand is going to be a very hard task indeed. But with a lot of hard work, it can be done. When I said I’d give you a termite tip I didn’t say it would be easy.

I personally wouldn’t even attempt to dig one out by hand but each to their own it’s going to the cheapest option.

For this task, all you need is a good pick and a few hand saws and a couple of good mates wouldn’t go astray.

You really want to remove as much of the stump and roots as possible. The good thing about using a stump grinder is that they absolutely destroy the stump and roots in one.

Removing stumps will help deter termites

Keeping your home termite free isn’t going to be easy at first. Once the initial work is done your home will be in a much better position in regards to termites.

The main reason we advise to remove tree stumps is that termites will eat them. It’s as simple as that and if they eat the stumps guess what’s next on the menu, your home.

So this action is being proactive in the fight against termites. It’s a lot easier to follow my termite tip than it is to repair the damage from termites.

Get a Termite Inspection

Tree stumps will always be written into a termite inspection report and recommended to be removed. It’s important not to leave your termite inspections for too long.

It’s recommended to have at least 12-month inspections carried out any longer may result in concealed termite entry.

Too many homeowners leave their termite inspections way too long in some case every 3-5 years. This is way too long between inspections, if termites get in they can cause a terrific amount of damage.

Regular inspections are the best way to keeping your home free of ravenous termites. Follow this great termite tip and you are on the way to keeping termites out of your place.

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