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Termite Barriers What’s Covered

It’s time to have your termite barrier redone and it’s important to know what’s really covered. Termites are a very difficult pest to give a 100% guarantee on no matter which company you use.

No matter which termite treatment is installed around a home it has the chances of being breached by subterranean termites. To fully understand the warranties of a treatment you really need to read the small print.

The small print is on the back of each and every proposal that a pest control company issues to a client.

In this post, we won’t go into the different types of barrier systems that can be installed, but for more information about them click here (Barrier Treatments)

There are so many areas around a building that termites can gain concealed entry too. So it’s important to use a licensed professional.

Soil termite protection barrier being installed

The Proposal

A proposal is a legal contract between the homeowner and the company installing the termite management system.

The proposal or otherwise known as a quote will outline everything about the system proposed to be installed. There will be a site diagram of the property showing where the treatment will be applied.

It will also show what chemical is going to be used and the application rate of the chemical.

Important – do not allow any termite company to install a barrier system unless you have been given a full proposal. Also, take care to read the proposal fully. If you don’t understand something call the company you’re dealing with and get them to explain it.

Free Service Period What’s Covered

The free service period is a given time usually between 1-3 years. So if termites breach the barrier the company will eradicate them for free. This does NOT include the damage to the structure this is at the owner’s expense.

It’s important the homeowner understands that any damage caused by termites is NOT covered. There is a policy that does cover for all damage caused by subterranean termites I’ll explain this later.

The free service period will last for 12 months and is then renewed after that time provided an inspection of the property is carried out.

If the owner doesn’t have the inspections done the free service period is void. Only the company that installed the system can give the free service period for that system.

No other termite company can give a warranty of any kind for a system they didn’t install. So once a system of any sort has been installed it’s important to use that company for the duration of the free service period.

Whats covered in a termite treatment

Alterations or Disturbing the Treated zone

If for any reason the treated zone is disturbed by either the homeowner a tenant or a tradesperson all warranties are void.

Once a treatment has been installed it’s very important that the owner understands this clause. If any works are to be carried out around the property the termite company must first be advised.

If Termites Attack How To Be Covered

As mentioned earlier if termites attack a home after a treatment has been installed only the eradication of the termites is covered. Any damage is at the homeowner’s expense unless you’re insured.

There is now an insurance cover that will protect a structure from damage by subterranean termites. The insurance can only be taken out once a complete termite management system has been installed by a licensed company.

The policy covers up to a 100,000 dollars’ worth of damage with no excess to pay. The policy is valid for 5 years and costs only $420.

An insurance policy gives peace of mind to the owner ensuring that all damage is covered. This is well worth asking your termite company about if a treatment is being installed.


Termites are a very destructive pest and can cause many thousands of dollars damage to a home. Don’t be fooled by cheap treatments that aren’t done correctly as it could end up costing more in the long run.

Always use a professional and reputable company that will explain everything in detail. Don’t sign any contract until you fully understand the implications of the contract and what’s covered.

For any advice about termite treatments don’t hesitate to email or call us here at Sunnystate Pest Control.

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