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I was working today in the Brisbane suburb of Manly and very nice it is too. Manly is situated on the water with a great outlook over the marina. There are also plenty of shops and cafes around for quick snacks or that all important coffee.

I do a lot of pest control treatments for my customers in the Manly area and one pest a lot complain about is midges. These little flying insects are pretty much like mosquitoes, and they drive us all mad at times.

They always seem to want to come out and annoy us during a BBQ or family gathering. For these types of outdoor events, it’s best to be prepared.

Rat Problem Call The Experts.

Mosquito & Midge Repellents

There are plenty of products that you can buy these days to help deter pesky mozzies and midges. All the local shops such as Bunnings, IGA and even Aldi now have sprays and candles to help get rid of them.

A pest control company can spray for mosquitoes and Midges but it won’t keep them away for long. Brisbane city council has been spraying mosquitoes and midges for many years now. They use environmentally friendly products to help keep them under control.

Because of the nature of these pests, they can’t be controlled over a large area. There is not a chemical in Australia that is registered for controlling midge larvae. Their larvae live in mud in a very fragile ecosystem.

There needs to be a large amount of chemical used to penetrate the mud and this can cause damage to the environment.  This is why they are so hard to control completely and we don’t want to damage our already fragile environment.

So as mentioned earlier the best plan of attack for Mozzies & Midges are personal sprays and citronella candles.

One thing your local Manly pest control company can definitely help out with is all other household pests; from cockroaches, silverfish, spiders, ants, termites and many more. We’ll have a look at other pests now and what can be done to keep your home pest free.

General Pest Control Manly Services

If you have a problem with household pests then a professional pest eradication service is what you need. A customer in Manly we did a job for not so long ago had a serious problem with ants.

Ants would have to be one of the most complained about pests in Brisbane. As I always say to my customers, Australia is built on an ants nest. It seems everywhere you look around on the ground there are ants crawling.

The problem at this particular job was coming from a dead possum under their house. When I arrived I did an inspection of the sub-floor and found the dead possum.

Ants are scavengers and will devour just about anything that seems like an easy meal. Hey, we can’t complain too much as let’s face it we all like a quick Friday meal from time to time don’t we.:) Does MacDonald’s ring a bell anyone, as bad as they are it happens sometimes?

Carpenter Ant

Ant Problem Solved

Anyway, we go rid of the ants by also treating the inside and outside of the house with Termidor. Termidor is probably the best product on the market today to help get rid of ants. It’s designed to wipe out an entire colony of ants by means of a transfer effect. It works in a way that the ants don’t know they have it on them, therefore they contaminate the entire colony.

To bring an ant colony under control can take between 2-3 weeks depending on the size of the colony. Termidor can also be used for various cockroach species, spiders, termites, houseflies and daddy-long-legs. The label needs to be read to know which pests can and can’t be treated with this product.

So if you are in the Manly area using a professional pest control company, you can pretty much get rid of any pest in and around the home.

Pest Control Cockroaches

Cockroaches are another big problem pest for homeowners and tenants. Treating a severe cockroach infestation needs the expertise of a well-trained pest controller.

Having a good understanding of the life cycle and harbouring habits of the many different cockroach species is paramount. Cockroaches can be treated with many different products from liquid sprays to gels and dusting.

If a cockroach problem exists a thorough treatment of all rooms is very important. Wet areas need a very thorough treatment as they are desired harbouring area for many cockroach species. A detailed treatment using a combination of products will give the best results.

Pest Control For Spiders

There are two types of spiders around Manly, the ground-dwelling spider and the webbing spider. Both types can become a nuisance for homeowners but a professional treatment can bring them under control.

Spiders will make a home just about anywhere, and they are very difficult to control for a long period of time. A detailed treatment of both the inside and outside of a home needs to be done for a successful treatment.

Most spiders are harmless to us humans, but some like the Redback spider can cause problems. The elderly and very young are the most vulnerable to a Redback spider bite.  A bite from a Redback spider needs to be treated at the hospital.

Spider Pest Control

Termite Pest Control In Manly

Termites are another big problem pest for all homeowners through Australia. Regular termite inspections need to be carried out to help keep your home termite free.

A quality termite inspection will take between 1.5 and 2 hours to complete. Once the inspection is done I put together a report and email it to you. The report will detail any potential problem areas around the house.

Along with the report a free termite barrier quote can also be sent to you. A termite barrier is the best way to ensure termites don’t come knocking on your door.

Please don’t leave your termite inspection until you have termites in your home. This, unfortunately, is exactly what many homeowners do. The damage termites can cause in a small space of time is huge so don’t take the risk. Be smart Keep your home safe and get your termite inspection manly service booked today.

Don’t Let Termites Destroy Your Home Get It Inspected.


With any type of pest control Manly treatment, it’s best to hire a professionally licensed company. Using a professional will ensure your family and pets are safe during and after the treatment.

The above-mentioned pests are just some that I deal with from day to day as a pest technician. Here at Sunnystate Pest Control, we are here to help our customers with any pest problem. If you need some help or questions answered please feel free to call or email us anytime.

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