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Pest Control Capalaba Services

No matter what pest is causing problems around the home. A professional treatment is essential to help keep away unwanted visitors.

If your a resident in the suburb of Capalaba a successful pest control service will help to keep pests at bay for 12 months if carried out correctly.

Capalaba is a suburb of Brisbane on the south side of town. It has not only a largely residential area but is also home to two major shopping centres.

Here at Sunnystate Pest control, we service many of the small businesses in the Capalaba area. We also have a large number of residential customers in the area.

We have been helping customers out with their pest control service for over 20 years.

There has been an increase in the development of units in the heart of Capalaba over the last 5 years along with new shops like Aldi.

When new land is developed many pests are displaced. And will eventually find refuge in our homes. It may not take long for pests to move into existing homes once earthworks get underway.

To help prevent pests from making a home in your place. A professional pest elimination treatment is necessary.

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Before Booking A Pest Control Service

When engaging a pest eradication service it’s important to ensure the company you engage is fully licensed and insured.

If a non-licensed company is used there is a chance that the service won’t be done properly. This will be a waste of the customer’s time and money. And could even pose a health risk to members of the family.

A pest control company in Capalaba should have a sound knowledge of all pests. This way a professional treatment can be carried out and a 12-month warranty can be issued.

The customer should also outline to the pest controller about any particular pest issues they may have. The best time to let a company know of any pest issues is at the time of the booking.

If a technician knows beforehand what they are dealing with. They can ensure they have the correct products with them. This will mean a much better service can be carried out to help eliminate the pest problem.

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Pest Control Warranties

All pest services should come with some sort of guarantee or warranty service period. The warranty is the way a customer can be sure that a professional service has been carried out.

Capalaba homeowners should always ask their local pest control Company about the guarantee that they offer. It is also important to have the guarantee in writing once the service has been completed.

In most pest treatment services, a 12-month warranty will be given. A 12-month warranty should cover pests like cockroaches, Silverfish, Spiders, Ants. This should be discussed with your local pest technician at the time of the booking.

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Professional Cockroach Treatments



For a safe and reliable pest eradication service in Capalaba use a company that backs up there warranty like Sunnystate Pest Control.

Using a professional company will also ensure that the products used are safe for the whole family and any pets.

Sunnystate Pest Control covers all area of pest management including termites residential and commercial. We have built our business on repeat business and also by offering a quality affordable service. So for a hassle, free service and the latest pest control specials. Call or email us anytime.

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