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Hotel pest control: Where Do Pest Risks Hide in Your Hotel?


Hotel pest control problems, Your guests will not accept anything less than clean hotel areas and top-notch service.

And providing an excellent experience for your guests includes keeping insect infestation under control.

We at Sunnystate Pest Control believe that pest management should make you feel more confident rather than more stressed. That’s why we’ve been assisting hotels like yours with pest control without the hassle.

In this article, you’ll discover what pest control in hotels is and where pest risks may be hiding in your hotel.

htoel pest control is crucial for customer satisfaction

What is Pest Control in Hotel?

Pests that can infest hotel rooms include a variety of species. Rodents such as rats and mice, for example, can enter your hotel through gaps and fractures on the outside and cause damage through rampant gnawing and the spread of a variety of diseases.

In addition to cockroaches and flies, hotels are regularly infested with insects. Both flies and cockroaches are drawn to smells generated by meals and other organic substances.

These tough hotel invaders frequently make their way inside hotels on guests’ baggage or clothing. They will also enter your hotel through open windows, doors, or cracks in order to obtain food and shelter.

Where Are Pest Risks Hiding in a Hotel?

1. Lobby Bar

Risks: fruit flies

Bars are full of sugary liquids and other food waste. This is an ideal feeding and breeding environment for small flies, also known as “fruit flies.”

A lobby bar with tiny buzzing flies gives hotel visitors and guests a negative first impression and can also spread foodborne illness.


Eliminate sugary liquids and food waste, clean spills immediately, regularly mop floors, and wipe surfaces. Also, inspect and clean plumbing and drains, and store perishables in closed containers.

2. Hotel pest control -Guest Room

Risks: bed bugs

Bed bugs are perhaps the most well-known (and dreaded) of all hotel pests. These parasitic arachnids feed solely on human blood and live wherever their hosts (us humans) do.

Because of the high concentration of humans in hotels, bed bugs thrive there. Almost all of them sleep overnight, which is when bed bugs feast.

Hotels are extremely vulnerable to bed bugs since they draw new guests from all over the world on a daily basis. These visitors might be carrying hitchhiking bed bugs, unintentionally introducing infestations into their hotel rooms.


Train staff to spot the signs of bed bugs. Also partner with a professional pest control provider like Sunnystate to reduce room downtime and protect your furniture from the disposal.

3. Hotel pest control – Lobby Lounge

Risks: bed bugs

Since hotels create inviting lobby lounges, guests are coming out of their rooms and bringing bed bugs with them. Bed bugs can easily proliferate in upholstery, lobby furniture, and carpeting. They can then spread to other guests and lean to an infestation.


Choose furniture that minimizes bed bug harborage. Train all staff to identify bed bug activity and regularly inspect the furniture.

4. Spa Center and Salon

Risks: public health incidents

Spa centers, salons, and other wellness amenities are the most common interaction points between guests and staff. That means these spaces are the best environment for bacteria to live and spread.

And catching Covid-19, a cold, or flu is the last thing a guest wants after a relaxing session at the spa.


The most effective way to minimize the spread of infections is basic hand hygiene. We suggest adding hand sanitizer dispensers throughout public spaces, as well as signage to remind the staff and guests to regularly wash and sanitize their hands.

5. Fitness Studio

Risks: public health incidents

Fitness studios, gyms, and yoga rooms are spaces where guests interact and share equipment. This creates a heightened risk for cold, flu, and other public health breakouts.


Fitness areas require unique cleaning products that effectively disinfect surfaces people touch. These high-traffic, high-touch areas also demand more frequent and deep cleaning than other typical public spaces.

6. Full-service Restaurant

Risks: food safety incidents

A restaurant has potential for food safety risks if not maintained properly. You’ll need a strong food safety program to protect your guests and, ultimately, your business.


To manage food safety incidents at their best, you should partner with a vendor that can provide a comprehensive food safety program. Not only that, but they should also provide a robust training program for your kitchen staff.

7. Quick-service Cafe Takeaway Corner

Risks: food safety incidents

Even though there’s no food prep involved in quick-service takeaway cafes, food safety risks still exist.

Quick-service cafes or takeaway counters typically operate longer hours, many of them even work 24/7. This makes it difficult to find time for regular disinfecting of countertops and proper cleaning of food storage containers and floors.


Ensure that all spaces have dedicated cleaning protocols to help eliminate food safety risks and keep your facility looking clean.

8. Biophilic Design Elements

Risks: ants and casual invaders

While biophilic design elements make the interior of your hotel nice, bringing the outdoors inside literally opens the doors to a wide range of pest issues, including:

  • Ants
  • Large flies
  • Cockroaches
  • Rodents

And pest issues that stem from biophilic design elements in the lobby prove to be particularly challenging and can be devastating.


Traditional methods of preventing and fighting pests aren’t usually effective. So it’s critical to book a professional pest control team that uses unique tools and techniques to eliminate existing pests and prevent them from infesting in the future.

Commercial Hotel Pest Control Services

While there are ways to minimize pest reproduction, the solutions listed in this article may still not help you avoid pests completely.

And in order to keep the standards of your hotel high, it’s essential to keep your property pest-free.

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