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Here we are at home feeding our local Kookaburras in the back garden, just because I’m a pest controller doesn’t mean I kill everything, just the insects that cause us troubles around the home.

But having said that I do like to ensure that the local wildlife is also protected against poisons used in the pest control industry, so this is the main reason we try to use environmentally friendly pest control products within our business.

Treating for rats and mice can cause concern for the local wildlife, one of the biggest problems the wildlife face when a treatment for a rodent problem is carried out, is that the technician does the right thing, and by this I mean placing any baits whether they be in a solid wax form or a liquid form inside lockable bait boxes.

I have seen too many times when visiting a customer’s home old rat and mice bait blocks just left lying under tables especially in the garage area or under a DIY wooden shed floor, these areas are all places where wildlife can gain access and come in contact with these baits.

Its one thing to get rid of bugs and insects from around the home during a pest treatment that causes us problems, but we don’t want to end up overflowing that problem onto our local wildlife, such as Kookaburras.

Being a licensed pest control operator holds a lot of responsibility not only to the customer but also to the environment, knowing how to apply a liquid insecticide and where to correctly place poisons for rodents is all part of being a responsible technician.

When I’m at a customer’s home I also like to give them advice on how they can help to prevent pests from infesting their home, with simple and easy chemical-free ideas that are good for the whole family and pets.

If a home is kept in good order i.e. clean and tidy, then a home should only need a once a year pest treatment service to be carried out, an annual pest control and termite inspection will last for 12 months, most customers these days combine their termite inspection with their annual general pest control treatment, this also helps to keep the cost down.

By having a yearly pest treatment done at your home you lessen the chances of any insects such as cockroaches, silverfish, ants, spider, termites etc from harbouring there and building a nest, the products we use will certainly deter such problems for a period of twelve months if done correctly.

During the time that a pest technician is at your home you should take this time to discuss with them any issues that you may be having with pests in or around the home, this is also a good way to ensure that a pest problem doesn’t get out of hand, by high lighting any problem areas.

If you have any concerns regarding pests around your home please don’t hesitate to give us a call, our advice is free safe and reliable.

Send Us An Email    Call 07 3245 5425

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