Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning is a simple and effective way of keeping crawling insect out of the home or office.

Keeping areas such as drain clean and free of bacteria is the perfect way to reduce pest activity.

All manner of pests including cockroaches, ants, flies and drain flies are attracted to areas where bacteria breeds. Cleaning away bacteria will also help to keep your family safe.

How does drain cleaning work

Our professional drain cleaner uses natural microbial spores that eliminates bad bacteria.

It helps remove scum build-up, mould and decaying organic matter in and around drain systems.

Removing the bad bacteria will help to deter pests such as cockroaches, flies and ants.

To prevent pests from harbouring we first need to remove the source and that is exactly what our professional service will do.

Where can it be used

Our specially developed drain cleaning foam can be used in residential, commercial and industrial areas.

It’s also safe to be used in septic tanks and can even be used to eliminate odours in carpets and furnishings.

When applied correctly to a drain it helps to remove blockages and odours by breaking down organic matter.

Drain cleaning process

When we first arrive we will assess the drains inside the property and determine if they need the drain cleaning applied.

When customers are having a problem with ants, cockroaches or flies we will first start by flushing the drains.

The whole process takes a few minutes and can be carried out during our general pest control.service.

Is it safe?

The probiotic drain cleaner is safe and fully biodegradable keeping your home or office safe and pest free.

The product we use is Australian made and owned and that gives it our tick of approval.

Other areas to keep clean

There are many areas around a home where pests can harbour so it’s important to keep them clean. Drain cleaning isn’t the only place that needs attention below are some other areas to consider.

The main places that should be looked at are all wet areas such as kitchen, bathroom and laundry.

In the kitchen – check and clean under the dishwasher and fridge at least once a year. Also, use a dishwasher cleaner once every couple of months to keep the inside clean.

Laundry – check under the sink as this is a harbourage area for cockroaches. Also, clean under the washing machine by removing it at least once a year.

Bathroom – keep inside cabinets clean by removing the contents at least once a year. Also, clean mould away as this is a health hazard for the family, if mould comes back constantly have a professional tradesperson look at the issue.

For more information on keeping pest out (click here)


By following the step above, including drain cleaning and having your annual pest control service carried out your home or office should remain safe from harbouring pests.

Always use a company that also offers a detailed drain cleaning process.

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