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Coffee machines attract cockroaches

Cockroaches are a very common household pest in Australia. They are even more commonly found in areas with higher temperatures such as Brisbane.

Many of us forget to clean the good old coffee machine that we have all come to love over the last decade or so. One thing we know for sure is that coffee machines attract cockroaches.

Anyone that loves an early morning coffee before heading out to work has a coffee machine of some sort. If you really want to keep cockroach numbers down then either get rid of the coffee machine or clean it regularly.

Things to Know About Cockroaches

Cockroaches are scavengers and will hunt out food scraps of any kind. They can hide in small cracks and crevices around the home and they breed fast.

There are many different kinds of cockroaches found here in Australia. Some are more of a pest and can be harder to get rid of than others.

Some say that cockroaches are one of the only pests that would survive a nuclear explosion. They are a very resilient pest and have been around for a long time.

They all have the same common purpose in life and that’s to reproduce. In order for a cockroach colony to grow, they need a good source of food.

Regular cleaning will help to reduce numbers this is especially important in wet areas like the kitchen and bathrooms.

It’s important that bench tops are wiped down and that dirty dishes are not left out overnight. These two simple things alone will help to keep these pests out.

dead cockroaches

Cleaning The Coffee Machine

The process of cleaning a coffee machine can be a bit of an ordeal at times, especially in our busy lives today. But finding time to do this is important if we want to keep these horrible pests of our homes and businesses.

Cleaning the smaller coffee machines that use the pods is very easy and should be done daily. With the bigger commercial machines, it can be a bit more involved, but it still needs to be done.

Understand your machine and find out how to clean it properly. You could even try reading the instructions; I know this is something we tend not to do these days. But the instructions may give a fast and efficient way of cleaning them thoroughly.

Another great way to find out about a particular machine and how to clean it is YouTube. Someone out there in the internet land will surely have made a video on cleaning a coffee machine properly. So if you’re not into reading the manual maybe YouTube has the answer.

Doing regular cleaning of your coffee machine will not only help keep cookies out but may also keep it running for longer?

coffee machines attract cockroaches


To keep cockroaches from making your home theirs a regular pest control service is also recommended.

Having a professional pest controller attend your home or office will ensure cockroaches and other pests don’t become a serious problem.

Combining a pest treatment with regular general cleaning is the best way to keep your place pest free.

Don’t forget that coffee machines attract cockroaches and they need regular cleaning.

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