What Clients Need To Know Before Your Pest Treatment?

Before Your Pest Treatment, What Do Clients Need To Know?

The following list of things to do before a pest treatment will help customers to prepare their homes or businesses for professional treatments.

There are three other lists also and they will give details of the questions your technician will ask upon arrival. Also outlined are where the treatment will start and what areas will be treated.

It is important to read the list thoroughly so that the best service can be provided by our pest manager.

What the customer needs to know and do.

  1. Provide entry to the property and if a key collection is required this needs to be prearranged.
  2. Before your pest treatment Pre-vacuum floors (Necessary for flea treatments)
  3. Mow the lawns if possible ( This is essential for flea treatments)
  4. Clean down kitchen bench tops.
  5. Put away open packets of food (preferably into sealed containers)
  6. Provide access to all rooms in the property or inform your technician of rooms you don’t want to be entered.
  7. Keep children away from treated surfaces during the service.
  8. Lock-up aggressive animals.
  9. Empty all pet drinking and food bowls for the duration of the service.
  10. Cover fish tanks and turn off filters for the duration of the service this also goes for any other aquatic life.

Before Your Pest Treatment Questions, your technician will ask?

  1. What pests are you having trouble with at this time?
  2. Any areas of the property you would like us to pay particular attention too.
  3. Are all the rooms accessible for entry?
  4. Where is the manhole cover located?

Where will we start?

  1. A site assessment will be carried out.
  2. Your technician will usually start on the inside first.
  3. A sticker will be placed in the kitchen cupboard with our details on it.
  4. Once the internal has been completed the external treatment will start.
  5. Explanation of the service carried out.
  6. Payment and a receipt or invoice.

Before Your Pest Treatment Know What gets treated?

  1. Kitchen cupboards will have a cockroach gel applied to the hinges.
  2. Pressurised spraying of the skirting boards and inside of cupboards.
  3. Treatment of the roof void if applicable.
  4. Placement of rodent bait stations if applicable.
  5. External treatment to the perimeter of the house and gardens, pathways or problem areas.

By understanding the above list, problem pests can be brought under control more effectively. The more information the client and the technician have before treatment is carried out the better the service will be.

We are here to help all of our customers and want the experience of a pest control service to be a good one.

Asking questions is what we like because there are things that non-licensed people don’t know or understand about pests. So while you have an expert at your home it best to ask.

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