How To Identify A Bedbugs Problem

How To Identify A Bed Bugs Problem:

Having Bed bugs problems in your home here we will explain how you can correctly identify a bedbugs problem. Now I have been in the pest control industry for well over 20 years now and the one thing I see all the time; is that customers are getting the identification of bed bugs wrong.

Most seem to be getting bedbugs mixed up with any type of bug that is biting them.

I have done a lot of blogs about bed bugs in the past so this one may come as no surprise. So the main reason for this blog is to try and give you the customer a better understanding of what exactly a bed bug looks like so you can correctly identify them.

Bed bugs are very easy to see; if you have a bed bugs problem in your apartment or your house the one place that they will most certainly be; is in the bedroom.

Where you will find them in the bedroom is on the bed and the bed frame. These two places are where they prefer to Harbour; as this is because they are close to that host.

I was called out to a house yesterday where the customer thought he had bed bugs. Now the customer was 100% convinced he had bed bugs.

Upon my arrival, the customer showed me a bug that he thought was a bed bug.

In fact, it turned out to be a ground beetle. Now, this took some convincing on my part to explain to the customer that it wasn’t, in fact, a bedbug; it was just a ground beetle.

Once I convince the customer that he didn’t have bed bugs he then wanted to know; what was it that was biting him?

After my inspection of his bedroom and the bed and all the furniture; it became apparent to me that there’s the likelihood that it was dust mites.

The customer was getting bites and itching skin which is all signs of dust mites.

These same symptoms can also occur when there is a serious bed bugs problem, but it’s not always going to be bed bugs.

This is why you need a professional pest control Brisbane company to come out and identify whether or not it is a bed bugs problem.

How to tell you have bedbugs:

Now please read this part carefully, because I can tell you without doubt, that if you have a bed bugs issue, doing the following will confirm it.

Ok so let’s work through how you as a customer can identify whether you have bed bugs in your house.

Now the first thing you need to check as mentioned earlier is the bed and more importantly the mattress.

You first will need to remove all of the blankets and sheets from the bed. Whilst removing the bedding you should be checking for any signs of bed bugs on the sheets and blankets.

If they are there you will see them, the adult bed bugs are 4-5mm long. The eggs are whitish and will be stuck to the edges of the mattress.

Bed bugs are very very easy to spot they are reddish brown rusty Brown almost. And have a round body that tapers down into a small head.

The back legs are long but start from the front of the body closer to the head. They stretch down alongside the body.

As you can see in the picture; the description I’ve just given is exactly what a bed bug looks like

Spraying a seat for bedbugs

Forget any other picture you have seen on the internet; of what a bed bug looks like. The one in this blog I guarantee you is a bedbug.

The most important place to inspect for bed bugs will be the edges of the mattress. If you have bed bugs they will be around the edges of the mattress.

Another Tell-tale sign that you have bed bugs will be blood spots on the sheets.

The blood spots will be from where the bed bugs have been feeding, which obviously; would be you the host.

The bed frame is also a place to look for bed bugs. They will hide in the smallest of places so every part of the bed needs inspecting.

Light switches and plug sockets and all of your clothes are also places to check for bed bugs. But to quickly tell if you have bed bugs the main place to check is the bed and mattress.

So now you should have a good understanding of how to identify a bed bugs problem correctly.

Remember just because you are being bitten it does not necessarily mean you have a bed bugs problem.

Bedbugs are the hardest pest to get rid of from a home. It will take a very experienced pest control technician that has dealt with bedbugs previously to get rid of them.  They will also need a full understanding of their harbouring and feeding habits to successfully eradicate them from a home.

Do bed bugs carry disease?

Although bed bugs are a horrible pest and for most an absolute nightmare. The one thing they don’t do is transmit any serious disease.

When bed bugs bite their host saliva that has an anticoagulant property is injected.

Bed bugs will test bite their victim first which will often result in a line of bites. This is another good way of identifying if you have a bed bugs problem.


Bedbugs are a serious problem and need to be treated by a trained professional that understands bedbugs. As most find out that have a bed bugs problem; they are a very difficult pest to get rid of. A series of inspections and treatments need to be carried out to get rid of bed bugs Brisbane. DIY treatments for bedbugs rarely work as bed bugs will harbour in many different locations throughout a room.

I hope this post has been useful to you if you need any help with a bedbugs Brisbane problem please don’t hesitate to contact us. Also, you can watch this video about bed bugs from an expert.

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