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Pests And Wet Weather

Pests generally don’t like the wet weather so they try to find a dry place to harbour. And then on the other hand homeowners don’t like the wet weather for having their homes sprayed.

So we end up with a bit of a problem where pests such as ants, spiders and even earthworms are concerned, as was the case for one poor lady I spoke too. Pests sometimes decide to use our homes as a safe place away from the weather.

After the rains have gone the calls start to come in with frustrated homeowners wanting to get the pests out of the house again.

There is a way around this, and that is to have an annual pest spray done in and around the home for all the common household pests, such as cockroaches, silverfish, spiders, ants.

By having a yearly treatment done it will limit the number of pests entering the home during inclement weather.

When a home is treated for annual pest extermination, the sprays are applied to the outer edges of the home on the outside and then the same is done on the inside.

For problem pests such as ants; treatments are longer lasting if the nest or colony can be located and treated. To treat an ants nest an insecticide is flooded into the nest and its surrounds.

On the inside, all the skirting boards are sprayed with a fine spray of an approved insecticide. The products we use have a long residual effect to help keep pests away for a longer period of time. This means they will not break down in a short period of time. The products these days are designed to last for the duration of a service warranty, which is usually 12 months depending on the pest.

Picture of a Silverfish

How Long Will It Last

Depending on where the insecticide is used will ultimately depend on how long the product will last. For instance, when used outside in direct sunlight, they tend to break down a lot faster, but if used in areas where sunlight is limited then they can last longer.

To back up the sprays pest technicians also use some different products, such as gels and dust. These are a very important part of the whole process, as they have a much longer lasting residual when used correctly in conjunction with the sprays.

The gels are used in kitchen cupboards and also applied to items in the kitchen like the coffee machines or toasters. These are items that pests such as cockroaches love as they have plenty of food scraps in and around them, making an easy meal.

The dust is also used around the kitchen under the bigger appliances like the fridge, oven and dishwasher.

The dust is also used in other areas around the home. The most important place for it to be applied is the roof void, this area is a hot spot for all sorts of pests.

For a more successful annual pest treatment, it is essential for the roof void to be treated, by means of dispensing fine permethrin dust into the area with an electric blower. This will help to get rid of cockroaches, silverfish, spiders, ants, lice and mites.

Lice and mites can find their way into roof voids on the back of birds and possums and even rats that may be nesting in the roof.

For a pest-free home make sure you get a pest treatment done yearly by a licensed professional.

A Carpenter Ant

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