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Pest Control Treatments When Moving House

Moving house then you’ll need a professional pest control treatment to be carried out for pests such as fleas and cockroaches.

It’s now 2018, and we started back at work today which is the 3rd of January. Firstly I’d like to wish everyone a happy new year and hope that 2018 is a great year for all.

My first job today was a flea pest control treatment for a lady that was moving out of her apartment in a suburb of Brisbane called Greenslopes.

I ended up doing two flea pest control treatments on my first day back at work, and both were move-outs, it’s that time of year again when everyone seems to be looking for a new place to live.

I also had a termite inspection to do at the end of the day, but that’s for another blog, as for this one I’ll explain a bit about fleas; and what needs to be done for tenants when moving house out of a rental property.

So back to the first flea job of the year; upon arrival, the tenant said to me that there were no fleas at the property, and all she needed was a receipt to give to her landlord.

Although there were no fleas present at the time of the treatment; as stated by the tenant, it still needs to be done; and the treatment applied to the appropriate areas.

Now let’s face it if you’re a tenant moving house, all you want is to get out of the place as fast as you can, and part with as little money as possible.

This approach is not always the best cheap pest controllers often offer no warranty this could lead to a dispute with the realestate. A professional pest control Brisbane company that a tenant employs to do their pest control when moving house will give a full warranty so that the tenant gets their bond back.

A warranty will also apply even if the treatment is for other pests such as cockroaches, silverfish, spiders or ants.

Empty house ready for a pest control treatment

Empty House

Flea Warranties – Guarantees

There is no real-estate agent in Brisbane, Ipswich or the Gold Coast that will accept a receipt from a pest control Brisbane Company without a warranty; they will simply ask for it to be done again, at the tenant’s cost.

The warranty covers the agent in the case of a new tenant moving in that may start to have problems with fleas from a previous tenant.

Most warranties for fleas in vacant houses would be somewhere between 1-2 months; this will depend on the severity of the flea problem.

Where a severe flea infestation is found upon an initial treatment the warranty period would have to be longer, as there is always the chance that a second treatment may be required, and the second treatment must be covered and done for free.

The warranty ends when there are no more fleas on the premises for a given time, usually 5-10 days if fleas reinfest at a later time during the year, a new treatment will have to be done.

The next time a flea problem occurs it then becomes the new tenant’s issue, not the problem of the old tenant or the landlord.


How Do You Know If Fleas Are Present

It’s pretty easy to tell if fleas are active at a property, just by doing a walkthrough, fleas will become active when they sense vibrations in the ground where they are harbouring.

Flea eggs can lay dormant in dirt or carpets and other materials for up to 12 months, they will only start to emerge and hatch when they know there is a blood meal readily available.

If an adult flea does not get a blood meal soon after hatching they will die, they cannot survive and continue to lay more eggs without sufficient food, and for the flea, that food is blood, whether it is from an animal or a human.

Treating Fleas

When treating for fleas it’s important that all areas where they may harbour are thoroughly sprayed, but there are some things, that will need to be done before the treatment commences.

Firstly if treatment is being done outside, i.e. on the lawn, the grass must be freshly mowed the day before the treatment is due to be carried out.

By mowing the lawns before the arrival of the pest controller, it allows for the spray to penetrate further down into the base of the lawn where fleas harbour.

Where a flea treatment is done on the inside of a property, whether it be a house or commercial premise, all floor surfaces such as carpets and hard floors like tiles or wood, must be pre-vacuumed just before the pest control technician arrives.

The pre-vacuum will do two things; it firstly helps to remove any debris that may be on the floor and secondly it helps to encourage the eggs to hatch and merge into an adult flea. Where adult fleas are present this makes the treatment much more effective. All areas need to be treated inside including under furniture.

Empty garage Pest control moving house

Empty Garage Moving House

What About Pets

If a tenant is moving house from one rental property to another, then one would presume that any pets would have been taken to the new home.

But in the case of a furnished home where there are still pets on the premises, they will need to be placed onto an appropriate flea treatment for animals.

Flea treatments only work if the pets at the affected property are treated at the same time the flea pest control is done.

The most popular flea treatments are advantage or frontline. But there are now new ones that have hit the market that is in tablet form. A chewable tablet is given to the pet every month this helps to keep fleas, ticks and worms at bay.

It’s best to speak to a vet about the best product to give to a pet, as some of the treatments these days can start to get a little expensive, and may not suit all pets, or their owners pocket.

Which Pest Control Company To Use

As with all pest control services, it’s important to use a company that will not only do the job correctly, but that will also give a full guarantee on their work.

As I’ve said in many of my blogs it’s tempting to go with the cheap pest control company, but by doing so, you are not guaranteed to get what you pay for, or as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”

Using a cheap company can end up costing more money down the track, and this is very much the case when dealing with a real-estate company, as stated earlier if the property manager isn’t happy with the outcome of a pest control on a vacant home; they will simply arrange for it to be redone; at the tenants cost.

So before you engage a pest controller make sure they back their service up with a full warranty; ask them over the phone and also get them to write it on the receipt.

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