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New Product Termidor HE

Termidor has long been the product most termite companies use to help get rid of termites from a home and also to help prevent them from entering in the first place.

Now the people at BASF have made a new formulation of Termidor called Termidor HE, and some of the benefits will change the way this type of termite barrier treatment is carried out.

New Benefits

  1. The application time can be lowered by up to a third.
  2. A breakthrough in advanced polymer technology helps to create a more enhanced protection zone.
  3. The drill hole spacing’s around a property are reduced; this reduces the impact on a customer’s property.
  4. Trench depths are also reducing saving time and impact on the property.

Termite Damage The Importance Of A Professional Barrier Treatment

Less Impact On The Property

Termidor HE will help to provide better coverage and lower the impact on the areas being treated.

The new polymer technology helps to transport the active ingredient more efficiently into the soil that is being treated.

Because the active ingredient is dispersed more evenly through the treated zone during application, it gives the treated area more enhanced protection against termite attack or breaching.

Fewer Drill Holes

With the drill hole spacing having been increased up to 450mm, this allows for fewer drill holes and therefore less impact on the customers home.

When drilling around a property, the termite technician must be careful not to drill into pipes etc. that may be underground where drilling is taking place.

Having the wider drill hole spacing helps to prevent an accidental hole being put into a stormwater pipe or alike. This means the holes can be drilled either side of any pipes that lead into the ground where the treatment is being applied.

Less Trenching

Because the new formulation of Termidor HE is dispersed better into the soil, this allows for reducing trench depth.

Not having to dig as deep as before will once again lessen the risk of damage to any underground pipework, and also to existing garden beds.

The less impact on a customer’s property the better the outcome for all involved.

One of the main things customers have concerns about when enquiring about a termite barrier to be installed is the number of drill holes and digging required.

Unfortunately, if a chemical barrier is being installed at a property it requires drilling of concrete and trenching of soil, but now with this new product, we can at least reduce the amount.

Barrier Drill Holes

A Brief Description Of The Different Termite Barrier Treatments Available

There are a few different treatment types that can be applied around homes these days. The one explained above is only one, which as stated before requires trenching and drilling.

Another treatment is a baiting system, this requires bait stations to be placed in the ground approximately 3 meters apart. In the station is an active bait, to which the termites are attracted too, they then take the bait back to their colony, and the colony dies.

There is also a reticulation system, this is where a series of pipes are laid in pre-dug trenches around the property. They are then filled with a Termicide, and where there is concrete these areas will need to be drilled and then injected with the Termicide.

This was just a brief description of the main treatments used by pest control companies that deal with termite removal.

Sentricon Always Active Inground Termite Bait Station

Customer Advice

Always use a licensed termite technician to carry out any inspections required and also to install any type of termite barrier treatment.

Many have tried to do their own barriers with little success; there are standards that need to be followed when dealing with the eradication and prevention of termites.

Having a good understanding of the different species of termites and their harbouring and feeding habits is an important role in understanding how to safely and correctly get rid of them from a home.

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