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Get rid of pests this is a problem many homeowners may face at some point and having the right advice is paramount. Dealing with pests can be a bit of a challenge especially ones such as ants, as these little fellas can get into just about any part of the home and garden.

I did a pest control service for a customer today that had a granny flat attached to the side of the main house, now let me say although it is classed as a granny flat; it was actually the old steel garage that the husband has converted into a granny flat.

When I arrived the customer greeted me and explained what it was she wanted to be done, and then also went on to explain about the tenant they have living in the granny flat next door, now the tenant in the flat was complaining about ants in her little flat, as the owner was explaining to me.

The owner told me that the tenant was saying that the reason she seems to have a lot of ants around the place was because of all the foliage on the block, I must admit there was a fair bit of greenery around, anyway the tenant wanted it all gone hoping that it would alleviate the ant problem.

The owner was a bit concerned with what the tenant wanted and rightly so, as you can’t just go chopping down all the plants and trees just to try and get rid of pests such as ants or any pest for that matter, so she asked if I could explain it to her and maybe give a solution to bring the ants under control.

By the way, the owner of the house wasn’t worried about the ants at all, as she said to me you’ll never get rid of them forever they’ll always come back, and this is true but we can keep them at bay for some time.

So I went and had a word with the tenant and explained to her what I could do to try and get rid of the pests in the garden, and that chopping down all the foliage around the garden wasn’t the best thing to be trying to do, at the end of the day who wants to live in a concrete jungle with no greenery, certainly not me.

Thankfully the tenant was very understanding about it all and after I had explained what I could do to help was very happy; see sometimes it just takes the expert knowledge of a professional pest controller to get everyone to see sense.

Part of being a pest control technician is to have the ability to explain things to customers that they don’t quite understand. I always say applying the products is easy most of my job is to educate the customer to help them get rid of pests and have a pest free home.

Back garden with an ant problem get rid of pests

Garden With Lots Of Trees & Plants

Chopping Down The Plants

So let’s say we did chop all the trees and plants down, would that actually get rid of ants and cockroaches and all the other pests we have like spiders, the answer is obviously no it wouldn’t make any difference at all.

Pest’s like cockroaches and ants have been around a lot longer than any of us and can survive in any environment, I was recently out with my family for the day doing a walk in the Glass House Mountains, the climb we did was 254 meters high and the track leading us to the top was rocky hard ground.

When we got to the top there were no trees or foliage around, I looked down and there they were ants everywhere, even me being a pest controller in the industry for 20 years was surprised to see them running all over the top of this rock face, but it goes to show we will never stop them even when we take away the trees and plants.

green plants in the garden

Garden with heavy foliage

What Was The Solution?

What I did for the customer was a perimeter treatment around the entire house and granny flat, and then also located and treated some ant nests that I’d found in the gardens, by applying a liquid insecticide around the home will give the best chance of getting rid of pests like ants.

Using an experienced pest control company is your best chances of getting rid of pests around the home, a professional pest exterminator will know where to apply the products to give the best results, and will also know what product will work the best for each situation.


So the answer to getting rid of pests isn’t to g to extremes. It more a case of having an understanding of the surrounds and then implement a solution. Unfortunately, there is no pest control company that can get rid of pests for good not even if all the gardens were taken away. The simple fact is that an annual pest control treatment by a professional company is required to try and help get rid of pests.

When looking for a pest control treatment to be done make sure the company is fully licensed and offers a guarantee on their service. Choosing the right pest control company is the key to a successful and longer-term solution to any pest problem.

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