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Feeding The Wildlife

The Australian kookaburra is one of Australia’s most iconic birds, and we have them here in our backyard. Here we are in this video feeding one of them small pieces of mince. These birds are excellent hunters; also, they will feed on just about any insect we have here in Brisbane.

They are pretty good to have around the garden also; as they do like to catch and eat snakes, they will even eat cockroaches, spiders and many other insects that harbour in and around our homes.

When we see a video like this one; it shows us just how essential it is to do a pest control service professionally.

When a pest control technician is engaged to spray around a house and in some cases put down baits for pests such as rats and mice. It’s vital they apply them into the correct areas, so’s not to harm other wildlife like the Kookaburra as seen in this video.

When we are called out to service a home for a pest treatment of any kind, whether it’s for pests like cockroaches, silverfish, fleas or even rodents or termites, we take mental notes of problem areas and treat them accordingly as we go.

By applying the right pest control products into the correct areas, you not only get the service done safely and adequately, but there is also less of the product used, this is particularly good for the environment.

When baits for rats and mice are placed around a home or even if doing a commercial pest control treatment, it’s important they are put into lockable plastic containers.

By placing baits into lockable containers, it stops other wildlife getting into them and dying from the poison.

As mentioned above it’s also the same for sprays; because if insecticidal pest control sprays are misused; they can contaminate waterways and even fish ponds in gardens.

If overspray comes in contact with aquatic life, it will kill them very fast, and this goes for indoor fish bowls and outdoor fish ponds.

In the pest control industry, 99% of the time; less is best. Insects don’t need a great deal of mix product to kill them.

A spray to surfaces where pests harbour is all that is needed, many are under the impression that the area needs to be flooded to gain the desired effect, but this is not the case.

Here at pest control & termites, we love to go to a customer’s home and kill all the insects, but at the same time, we do like to look after the environment and the local wildlife.

Our environment has had a beating over the last few decades, and we are only now starting to understand the importance of looking after it correctly. If we don’t try to manage and look after it better in the future, we may end up with many of our wildlife gone for good.

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