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Pest Control For Tenants When Vacating

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End Of Lease Pest Control 

End of lease pest control when vacating a rental property will have to be carried out by all tenants. This is a requirement in order to have a bond held on the property fully refunded. This will be at the tenant’s cost and will be part of the contract signed when first taking on the property.

The pests that will require spraying for an end of lease pest control treatment are usually cockroaches and fleas. In some circumstances, a property manager may ask that other pests be treated at the same time, such as spiders, silverfish and maybe even rats or mice.

If a tenant has had animals at the property like cats and dogs they will definitely be required to have the internal and external of the property sprayed for fleas, this will mean all the carpeted areas will need to be treated, as this is where fleas are most likely to harbour and breed.

A tenant that keeps birds of any kind will need to have their home sprayed for lice and mites when vacating a rental property, this treatment is pretty similar to a flea treatment, it requires a blanket spray of all carpets and floors, and will also require the roof void to be treated as this is an area where bird lice and mites will harbour.

Two of the Smoky Brown Cockroaches


When To Have The Treatment Done:

The best time to have an end of lease pest control spraying done for your real-estate agent when vacating a rental property is at the very end. So when all the tenants belonging are removed from the property, so many tenants get this wrong.

The process for vacating a property should be as follows:

  1. Remove all belongings from the property.
  2. Clean the house inside and out.
  3. Arrange for the gardens to be done.
  4. Arrange for carpet cleaning.
  5. Arrange for the pest control to be done.
  6. Hand your keys back to the agent.

If your moving out of a property the above list should be followed and then there shouldn’t be any crossover of trades getting in each other way, all of the above processes can either be done by the tenant or by employing the services of trade contractors, the only two things that cannot be done by the tenant are the carpet cleaning and the pest control, these two items will need a receipt from the company doing the service in order to get your bond back successfully.

Adult Flea in the picture fleas are pat of an end of lease pest control service.


The Pest Treatment:

To treat a house for pests for a tenant ending a lease and moving is much the same as any other general pest control treatment; if anything the actual process is a bit faster simply because the house or unit will be empty.

In most cases an internal and external spray will be applied to all surfaces, and as all the cupboards will be empty at the time of the treatment, most pest controllers would also spray inside the cupboards, this will give a very good long lasting pest treatment for all manner of pests from cockroaches, spiders, silverfish, ants, so for all the general pests found in and around the home.

Once the treatment is finished the technician will then issue the tenant with a full receipt, the receipt will give details of the type of pests treated and the products used during the service.

Leave It Clean & Pest Free

Pest Control Warranties:

A warranty is an important part of the whole process, the agent will require the pest control company doing the service to give some sort of a warranty for the pests that have been treated and stated on the receipt.

Usually, a free service warranty period for tenants vacating a home would be between 1-3 or 12 months, this will depend on the type of pests being treated. Your pest technician completing the service will usually explain all of this when issuing the receipt. It’s important that there is some sort of a warranty or your property manager may ask for the service to be done again with a warranty.

Any tenant moving properties must ensure that their end of lease pest control service comes with a full guarantee. This is very important for they could lose their bond.

Empty room ready for an end of lease pest control treatment

Vacant Home

Important Information For New Tenants:

When a tenant takes on a rental property they will usually do a walk around with the agent before signing the lease, this is done to point out defects that the property may have and ensure the new tenant doesn’t get the blame for them.

All defects will be noted on the lease agreement, the copy that the tenant gets must be kept safe, as this is the one thing that will ensure a tenant doesn’t get lumbered with the costs of expensive repairs that they didn’t do when vacating the property down the track.

I have been dealing with real-estate agents now for over twenty years and I’ve seen some serious problems come up between them and tenants, the best advice for a tenant taking on a rental would be to do a very thorough inspection of the property before signing and take lots of photos, and store them on your computer for later if needed, as you just never know and photos don’t tell lies.

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