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End Of Lease Pest Control Services Brisbane

A licensed pest controller must do an end of lease pest control treatment for cockroaches and fleas for a tenant at the end of their lease.

Here at Sunnystate, we do a lot of work for many of the realestate agents throughout Brisbane’s northside and also the south side of town. They all require the same thing from their tenants when vacating a rental property, and that’s a receipt from us to say that the pest control has been carried out.

Some tenants get it wrong with precisely what their responsibilities are when leaving a rental; pest treatments are the responsibility of the tenant, not the landlord.

End Of Lease Pest Control Brisbane

Applying Surface Spray


What’s in the lease agreement

When a tenant signs up to rent a house or unit, they are asked to sign a lease agreement; this ensures that each party understands their rights and responsibilities.

If in the agreement it states that a pest treatment must be carried out at the end of the lease or if a tenant vacates the property before the end of the lease, then this must be done for the tenant to get their bond returned in full.

A cockroach treatment is always part of the lease agreement, whereas fleas are sometimes an option, and only required if pets have been kept at the property.

Where a tenant has had a pet of any kind at the property during the tenancy, they will then have to have the place sprayed for fleas when exiting.

Cats and dogs are the obvious pets that would require, a flea treatment to be carried out at the end of a lease, but the same also applies for other pets such as birds, guinea pigs, chickens, and even reptiles.

What About Other Pets

Pets like guinea pigs, birds etc. will also mean a pest spray must be completed, but in this situation, the treatment must cover for lice.

Birds, guinea pigs, chicken can all carry lice, so the wording on the receipt must state that lice will be covered under a warranty of some kind, that is if these types of pets have been kept at the premises during the time of the tenancy.

The receipt will also need to cover cockroaches because pets such as birds, guinea pigs etc. will attract such pests as cockroaches, these types of pets aren’t the cleanest and tend to be very messy eaters, and cockroaches will find bird seeds a very easy meal.

What’s Covered By Warranty

When a Brisbane pest control treatment has been completed, it will come with a warranty to cover the customer if any problems occur.

The warranty is an essential part of an end of lease pest control, without an appropriate guarantee of the service the tenant may not be able to get their bond back.

The agent looking after the rental property will need to know that if a problem arises with any pests when a new tenant moves in, that the company that did the job will come back and retreat the property free of charge.

The Receipt

When a tenant hands in a receipt from an end of lease pest control service it must have the following information on it, or it may not be accepted by the agent or property manager.

  1. The company’s full name
  2. The company’s ABN number
  3. The address of the property being treated
  4. The name of the products used
  5. The license number of the pest control technician
  6. The areas that have been treated
  7. The pests that are covered under the warranty
  8. How it will or has been paid for
  9. The length of the warranty
  10.  The date the service was done on

The above list is essential to ensure that a bond is fully refunded to the tenant vacating the property, without this, the bond is almost certainly going to be kept by the landlord.

picture of an American cockroach for an end of lease pest control Brisbane treatment

End of lease pest control


How Is The Treatment Done

When a house is vacant, it is straightforward to do pest control in, this is because all of the rooms can easily be treated, and pretty much every nook and cranny can be sprayed.

When treatment for cockroaches has been carried out all the cupboards throughout the property will be sprayed, this includes not only the kitchen cupboards but also walk-in wardrobes and linen cupboards.

Also, all of the skirting boards will be sprayed at the same time, this will give the best results for killing any cockroaches that are currently at the property, and will also stop any other cockroaches from harbouring there.

As for fleas, all rooms will have to be treated, this includes wooden floorboards, especially if there are a lot of caps throughout the boards.

The carpets are also a must area to treat when applying a treatment to eradicate fleas from a home. Before the flea treatment is done, it is very important that all of the floorings have been thoroughly vacuumed.

For an outside flea treatment, the lawns and garden beds must be treated; fleas can drop off pets when they are outside, this will eventually lead to a flea infestation.

Before an external flea treatment is done, it’s important that the lawns are mowed the day before the treatment is due to be done, this will aid in the insecticide getting down to ground level, where flea eggs are known to be.

How Long After Can You Enter

After an end of lease pest control Brisbane servicer, it is safe to re-enter the property straight away. The products used these days are very safe and environmentally friendly. In most situations, the customer won’t even know that place has been treated.

After the pest control has been completed it takes about 10 minutes for the product to dry. It can take a bit longer when carpets have been sprayed depending on the weather.

When Is The Pest Control Done

An end of lease pest control Brisbane treatment should be done at the very end, and when I say the end I mean the end, the pesty should be the last person in the property.

The main reason for the pest control to be done last is so that the product used isn’t wiped off with any cleaning that may have to be done.

Believe it or not, many customers will ask for the pest control to be done; first, this is a complete waste of time and money. The best way to start when exiting a rental property is to move all personal items out, then do any cleaning that is required, and last but certainly not least, get the pest control done.


All end of lease pest control Brisbane services will need to carry a full warranty or the letting agent may not accept the treatment. This is why it’s important to use the services of a professional pest control company.

When booking a pest treatment ask if the service comes with a full warranty as this could save money in the long run.

Try to avoid a cheap end of lease pest control Brisbane treatments as these usually carry no warranty and may be rejected by the realestate agent.

If you require any help with your end of lease pest control, please feel free to contact us here at Sunnystate pest control & termites anytime.

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