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So here is my Friday blog, it’s Friday afternoon and the working week is pretty much over or at least over for me, and it’s been a very busy week in the pest control services industry.

Working Week In The Pest Control services Industry:

Not a lot has changed in the pest control services industry this week, there’s no special product that will miraculously get rid of all pests from around the home, but I’m sure one day further down the track there probably will be.

If I had a solution to stop ants completely I’d be a very rich pesty, ants are the pest that seems to cause customers a lot of Hassall, and unfortunately there’s no quick fix, I’ve done a few homes this week where the customers were getting lots of ants inside their home, and this we can fix and give a good warranty for, but as far as stopping them outside in the gardens and pathways that’s a whole other story.

With new products being tested in the pest control services industry all the time, it won’t be too long before the chemistry wizards come up with a product to help gets rid of ants from around the home for longer periods of time, at this time Termidor is still the most popular product to use against ants and termites within our industry.

This Week:

I’ve had all sorts this week from termite inspections and treatment’s to a very serious case of bedbugs, I don’t know what it is but every time I do a bedbugs job for a customer, I just can’t stop feeling like they’re all over me, and this is stupid because you can quite easily see them if they are on you, it must just be a mind thing.

Adult bedbugs found during pest control services


But I guess it’s listening to the customer describing how itchy they feel that probably sends me off, dealing with the likes of bedbugs and mites, pests that naturally make us feel a bit itchy, you do have to try your best to block it from your mind whilst doing these sort of jobs, but it all turned out good in the end.

It’s great when we get rid of a pest problem for a customer, they are very grateful, especially when dealing with pests like bedbugs, and I’d say the same goes for termites. I would say these two pests would have to be a home owner’s worst nightmare, and ants would have to be a close 3rd.

The good thing this week is that we have successfully gotten rid of the above-mentioned pests for a couple of our customers and solved their nightmare. Fortunately, the termite infestation wasn’t too big of a problem they were isolated under the sub-floor of the property and had only just started to make their way into the home.

Sub-floor of a house


The termite in question was one of the most destructive in Australia and runs by the name of Coptotermes, this is the second most destructive termite in Australia and can cause a huge amount of damage to a home in a short space of time. Within the pest control, services industry termites are the pest that causes the most amount of damage to homes and financial stress.



The customer had engaged us to do a termite inspection just a few days before and it was then that we picked up the termite activity under the house, and was able to get rid of them quickly, this is why I say to everyone it’s important to have an annual termite inspection done, as it can pick up new activity and then it can be eliminated before any major damage is done.

The Roads Are Getting Worst:

Anyway this wasn’t too bad a week, the worst thing I have to deal with during my working week is other road users, some people are just in too much of a rush, as I’m on the roads a lot I do get to see some strange things happen, I should invest in one of those dash-cams and record some of my funny and scary moment out on the roads.

On Thursday I was driving down meadowlands road going through the suburb of Carindale heading to Gumdale, now this road is a 60k zone, well I tell you the lady behind me wasn’t happy with the fact that I was obeying the road rules, then as we came up to a set of lights further up the road, she start hurling a load of abuse at me, she had obviously got out the wrong side of bed that morning, I hope her day got a bit better as it went on, or maybe she just found out she had termites “Yikes”

Don’t Stress:

I’ve learnt a few things over the years of being self-employed and the main one is not to get too stressed out about things, as the problem doesn’t go away it still has to be dealt with at some point, and the more worked up you get yourself the worst the problem actually becomes.

If you stay calm when a bad situation arises you’ll find most of the time the people around you are a bit more willing to try and help out as well, I’ve had it many times when I’ve had to tell a customer that I’ve found termites, and no matter how I try and break the news, their first reaction is frustration and anger, for some reason a lot of people seem to act in this way.

Termites won’t be that much of a problem if you just remember to have a yearly inspection done; this is the best way to help prevent termites from entering a home, in most cases if a termite nest is detected early there is less chance of damage being caused to the property.

Get Out & Enjoy:

The best thing of all for this working week has to be the weather, we have had some awesome days here in sunny Brisbane, and I even took the opportunity to do a bit of cycling, I’m a very keen cyclist and will get out on the bike any chance I get.

So on Wednesday morning before work I decided to go and do a bit of hill climbing at Mount Gravatt, as it was a work week I decided to drive the car there and park at the top, I ended up doing 8 repeats of the hill, and each climb is 2 kilometres an average of 7% gradient.

I find exercise is the best way to shake off those stressful days, and getting out on the bike is the way I like to do it, and it allows me to indulge in some of life’s nicer things like chocolate, oh yeah if you ride a bike you can pretty much eat what you like and get away with it.

Anyway, that’s it, for now, the weekend is all but here and I intend to enjoy it and you should too, stay safe and be happy. And refresh for the next working week in the pest control services game.

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