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Ant Pest Control

Ant pest control this is a service that lots of homeowners and businesses get done during the course of the year, especially in the summer months. I seem to get more and more customers calling wanting me to get rid of ants around their home. This is something that is easily done if the correct methods and products are put in place.

As shown in the video above the ants are running all over the wall of the house and along the footpath. This particular part of the house is the wall alongside the garage.

The ants were entering the internal wall from the external weep holes. This is a very easy way for ants to gain access into the house and start to build a nest inside the wall cavity.

Weep holes are a series of vertical caps placed around the perimeter of a house to allow for the removal of moisture or condensation that may build up over time. But they are also a very good hiding place for ants as they not only provide shelter but also a moist environment for ants to build their nest.

Ants are found a lot around moist areas, such as swimming pools, gutters and moist garden beds. As with most pests and us humans they need a constant supply of water to survive.

ants running all around a house window frame

Ants Around a Window

Ways To Help Prevent Ants

Ants are always going to be around, they have been here long before us and will more than likely be here long after us. But there are ways of keeping them at bay during their most active times an ant pest control treatment is one.

One good practice to start in the prevention of ants is to keep those big wheelie bins away from the walls of your home. These bins are a huge attractant for ants and a very easy way for them to source food for their colony.

In the kitchen always keeps bench tops clean and tidy. After preparing food it’s best to make sure there are no food crumbs left around, as this is defiantly going to attract ants.

When throwing out rubbish from the kitchen bin, make sure that it’s in a sealed plastic bag and then placed into the outside wheelie bin. This just helps keep any odours down that may be coming from any rubbish.

For all the avid gardeners that like to feed the plants with products such as blood and bone, then this will certainly encourage ants to that area. There’s not a lot you can do about this if you want healthy plants except to have a regular ant pest control spray of the area.

A Carpenter ant on the ground during an ant pest control service

Carpenter Ant

Ant Pest Control Products That Work

There are all sorts of products that can be purchased from local shops and hardware centres. I know Bunnings has a huge range of different products that are designed to get rid of ants. But from my experience, they only give a very short term solution, in most cases only a few days or even hours.

So what does work for ants, well I can tell you there is one product that works very well for ants? And that’s Termidor, this can only be used and applied by a licensed pest control technician?

Termidor has what is known as a transfer effect. When the ants come into contact with it they unknowingly take it back to their colony. Ants are social creatures and groom each other and also drop down pheromones. This is how the product is transferred throughout the colony.

This product is also used in the eradication of termites and it works in the same way as in an ant pest control treatment. The termites will go back to their nest and start to infect the rest of their family of wood-eating monsters, eventually wiping out the main colony.

Ants and Termites fighting seen during an ant pest control treatment.

Ants Attacking Termites

How Long Do Ant Treatments Last

The good thing with Termidor is it has a very good residual effect, that is it will last for many months before the elements start to break it down. When used for getting rid of termites it’s applied into the soil and under slabs etc., this gives a much longer effect up to 8 years.

If sprayed onto walls during an ant pest control service the treatment can last up to 12 months in certain situations but shorter times if in direct sunlight. If treatment is done before or during the warmer months when ants are more active, it will help to keep them away for the duration of their more active period.


Employing the services of a local Brisbane pest control company may cost a little more at the start. It’s also easier than going down to buy your own sprays from the local shops. And it will also save you money in the long term, as an ant treatment can be combined into your annual pest control service.

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