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Termidor HE Accredited Applicator

Sunnystate pest control is an accredited applicator of Termidor. This gives our customers the confidence that their home is properly protected from termites.

There are many different types of termite barriers we can install around a home, when using a liquid termiticide this is called a chemical barrier.

For all of our chemical barriers, we only use Termidor HE as this gives the best defence against termites. The term (HE) stands for (High Efficiency) this is because of the way this new formulation penetrates the soil.

The most valuable asset you will ever own is your home and keeping it intact should be priority number one.

Termites can cause a huge amount of damage to a home in no time at all. Don’t let your home be a victim to termites have it properly protected.

As with all termite barriers regular termite inspections are still required. Inspections are the most important aspect of any termite management program.

Jason Neale - Sunnystate Pest Control is an Accredited Termidor Applicator


Termidor HE 

Termidor HE is an advanced highly effective product that makes protecting homes from termites easier with less impact.

The productTermidor has always been recognised as the leading product for termite technicians. BASF launched Termidor in 2002 and has continued to develop the product.

Now with their new formulation of Termidor HE, it’s even better as it moves through the soil easier. Termidor Logo

How It Works

Termidor HE uses advanced polymer technology this increases the transport of the active (Fipronil) throughout the soil. This gives a much greater protected zone around a structure with more reliability.

Termidor is a non-repellent and is also undetectable to termites. The termite workers will then carry it back to the nest. It’s then spread throughout the colony and this is called the transfer effect.

Over a short amount of time, an entire colony will be eliminated. When a whole colony is destroyed it takes the pressure of termites away from the house.

BASF Protection

The manufacturers of Termidor HE (BASF) are so confident in their product they back it with a 2-Million dollar warranty.

Damage caused by termites in a wall.

This is the damage termites can cause.

This warranty shows just how good this product really is and should give peace of mind to homeowners.

This product has been used around hundreds of thousands of homes for 15+ years. And there has never been a product failure in that time.

This is why BASF is able to place a 2-Million dollar warranty on this product. The warranty is backed by BASF and only accredited applicators can offer it.


Termidor HE gives a new level of protection in all situations when protecting homes and commercial buildings.

It’s important to use an accredited applicator to take advantage of the full protection this product provides. Backed by BASF’s 2,000,000 dollar warranty it makes sense to use this advanced product.

To keep your home safe from the jaws of termites always insist on Termidor HE.

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